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I direct the negative energy into the cactus I have in my room, but the thing is that the energy seems to…..

be going forever if I dont stop. I guess that means I have lots of negative energy collected for years. But when I take away my hands, I still feel the energy. Why? Does that mean the negative energy keeps going although I dont touch the plant?
I read the activity (directing the negative energy to a plant) in a book. Can this ever be harmful? Is it possible that I lose all my energy—negative and positive?


  1. what has the poor cactus done to you?
    maybe he’s directing the energy back at you?
    if you got negative energies in your room, you need to clear it, open the window and let the energies go into the sun, the earth or the sea, they’re strong and know what to do with them.
    wash and clear all crystals and rocks (if you have any in your room)
    meditate and work on yourself and learn to use your “negative” energis and transform them into “positive” energies.

  2. HILARIOUS!!! this is the funniest thing i’ve read all day. thanks for the laugh. i sincerly hope that you don’t really believe in this crap. bye

  3. I understand what you are saying, but I would recommend that you either a) use crystals instead, or b) that you find a body of moving water (like a river) to dump your negativity into instead. The cactus is a living being. Cacti are very slow growing and quite sensitive, as are all plants. Would you dump your toxic waste into an animal or a child? No. Then why would you do it to a plant who a) can’t run away and b) can tell you w/ words, sound, or facial expression that you’re hurting it? I think it quite important to figure out where all this negativity is coming from, very, very important. And the answer to your last question is an absolute “Yes.” If you can feel your own negative energy, imagine what the plant feels. And pls. rent the movie “The Secret Life of Plants”. It’s so important that you do so. They have emotions, feelings, memory. They are living, sentient beings. The molecular structure of chlorophyll of plants is bio-identical to the molecular structure of hemoglobin in humans, except for the element the entire structures revolve around, iron in humans, I think, and I forget what in plants. Plants are infinitely more complex than most people realize. They are AMAZING, and yes, it often seems that they’ve been put here to clean up humans messes and to heal them and to be eaten by them, but I challenge you to look deeper into their world.

  4. Google Ti Chi. It is good that you are cleansing your body of negitive energy but you also need to balance the possitive. I would that you just release it into the air ( do your meditation out doors. Energies will attract to like energy. Remember that energy is eternal you simply displace it. So replace your negitive energy with possitive energy. Again refer to Ti Chi it is what you meditate on There are different colors for different purpuses, ie green for healing, blue for activity, pink and red for passion, purple for wisdom, white for purifying. hope this helps.


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