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I desperaetly need help. Im genuinely posssed by a demon and cant handle it any longer. I feel like killing m?

my name is chris and im an Ascended Master. 2 years ago I got “The Midas Touch” and suddenly my whole life changed. Spirt came into my life, God and the Devil. Inow understand that im ahighly evolved spiritual being one of 144,000 sent by God to earth at this moment in time to help mankind evolve, take a quantum leap in human conciousness into the age of Aquarias come the date 21st of the 12th 2012. As the universe is shifting , these 144,000 have basically come down to earth as a great vibration of LOVE to “HEAL” FEAR (the devil) and rid the world from evil once and for all. My energy had been attuned to a higher vibration for this collective conciousness of love and i was a channell divine love. It was amazing and the most unbelievable immaginable. But suddenly everything changed. and whats happened now is that i believe that the devil has been attacking me now also for the past two years, its pinned me to my bed to the point i felt completly parralised, i couldnt move , scream or anything and this went on for about a month 1 year ago now and when it happened each time each attack would last for several minutes and evetually iwas so weak i could nt fight it anymore and on the 6/6/08 my house burned down. I believe it was perhaps God helping me to get out of that house in the only way possible. Ithen moved to kalgoorlie(interstate) and i met a girl. In the begging i noticed that she was just draing my energy ,(i knew this cause im also a Reiki Master) Only afetr sort of seeing each other for about 4 months i made the worst decision of my life and asked her to come back and live with in here in Melb with mt parents. Thats when it all began. Clairvoyantly i startd seeing this pale blue ugly, nasty looking female demon that looked just like my girlfriend only really evil and nasty. I asked my spirit guides what this thing was and was told that it was a “Succbus” demon. Thats when she started to “Attack” me for lack of a better word. On five occasions we took drugs together and i believe by doing so it allowed her spirit to “put” things into me. I literally felt something enter my body through my eyes when we put our heads together and now can feel this energy behind my eyes and in my head. Reiki, Pranic healing and reconnective healing has not been able to dislodge this energy. Thats when clairvoyantly i saw a demon in my minds eye come to me with a black eye (didnt say a word) but just shook its finger at me as if to say “NO SORRY IM NOT LEAVING”. Ive seen an Alchemist about this and now am trying to come to terms witht he fact i may be possesed. All my psychic abilities are like gone, i cant even heal anymore and whateva it is is causing me pain and so much pressue in my head i simply cant handle it anymore. I fee tiredd all the time and have noticed im getting more and more angry. I feeeli like im going more and more crazy each day. I now believe that there iis a war in heaven here on earth between and that this golden army of 144,000 are fighting the Devil and its soldiers and the Devil has sent this “Succbus’ demon in the form of a good looking girl to tempt me then attack me and take me off my spiritual path nand mission. I needd genuine help. If anyone knows anyone here in Melbourne,victoria who is powerfull enough to to perform an “Excorsism” i really need your help. ok. Please this is not something ive made up this is the real deal and im only speaking the truth. My mobile number is 0416851208. please only call me if you can genuielly help me pleae or tell me what i should do.Thanks. Chris


  1. Check yourself in at a mental institution. Believing that a demon, Satan, God, or any other imaginary being is possessing you is not a good sign of mental stability.

  2. Um……..are you sure this is not just a fake? I believe in stuff like that but no one has actually seen them with bear eyes so I’m kind of shocked here…..

  3. You should contact a roman catholic priest aand discuss this with him. if necessary he will perform an exorcism ceremony.

  4. The only way out is through Christ. He is bigger than any demon. He can put His Spirit in you and change you. Ask God o forgive and save you. I can tell you more if you want. He is the only way.

  5. Go to your doctor. Get yourself diagnosed to find the nature of your chemical imbalance, and be glad to learn that the vast majority of such imbalances are very treatable, and with proper medical assistance you will be able to live a full and meaningful life.

  6. Ok….you’re just crazy. Tell your doctor all this, that’s the help you really need right now.
    *backs away slowly*

  7. Actually, you don’t need help.
    Dualities such as gods and demons, are illusion. The universe is not at war with itself.
    It’s all you. There is nothing else.

  8. You can do a do-it-yourself exorcism, but it will require you to face your fears.
    Certain sins open our bodies to demonic possesion. Drugs, alcohol, and extramarital sex are the big ones. The first thing you must do is repent of your sins and not return to them. Make a commitment to God to keep his commandments, and then pray every time you are tempted to break your promise until the temptation passes. If you are watching pornography, or engaging in related activities, then you are literally inviting evil spirits into your house. If you need some help to make and keep these commitments, call on the LDS missionaries. They will help you without charging you a penny.
    Then you must recognize the evil spirit that has taken possession of your body and stop loving it. Evil spirits invade our bodies when we open our bodies to them. To get rid of them, you must learn to prefer lonliness to the company of devils, both spiritually and in life. Don’t be afraid to be alone. If you repent of your sins, and follow the council of the Elders (LDS missionaries), you will get the Holy Ghost which will then become your constant companion, and a constant aide against the forces of the adversary.
    Know this, that your father in heaven loves you, and will not ask you to do anything that will not bring you happiness and joy in the end.

  9. I’ve had similar experiences and personally I think those negative entities are usually self-created. At least in most cases. Even though they might relate to outside “real-world” situations or people one has to ask why one chose (consciously or unconsciously) to bring those things into ones life.
    In terms of Yin-Yang and Kabalistic philosophy, one should seek balance. Too much “mercy” needs to be countered with “justice” or “severity” and when one lives the “lofty spiritual life”, sooner or later one has to confront the negative aspects that have laid dormant and repressed in our psyches as the opposite to our conscious actions. This is what Jung referred to as “Shadow work” and yes it does tend to have some negative connotations but the only way to overcome ones “demons” is by getting to know them, bring them to consciousness and work with them. For example anger can have it’s place provided that it is used appropriately…we must learn to acknowledge our own repressed and anger and give it conscious “space” because then WE control our anger rather than our repressed anger controlling our behavior.
    Anyway, enough about that. To be honest if you were an ascended master, you wouldn’t be incarnate (or at least you wouldn’t have need for a body). You also wouldn’t have the problem you’re talking about…because you would have already completed the “Great Work”. Remember that those alchemists of old speak about a certain “blackening” which is necessary during the alchemical process. This in no way means that you must embrace evil in some way it is simply a case of “bringing your own demons under your control”. Fear of our own dark side simply makes the whole situation worse, one has to cultivate acceptance and tolerance.
    Having said that, there is still the remote possibility that you are possessed. I would recommend daily banishing based on a very powerful ritual, the Lesser banishing ritual of the Pentagram. Here is one version:
    Doing this daily will start to cleanse the psyche of all “alien” influences. Of course there are alternatives from other mystical or magickal traditions as well.
    PS: Always remember that “the shadows will pass”. It is good to learn to “relax into” or “be okay” with negative emotional states – it’s good training for “non-attachment”. It is unpleasant but possible to learn to “relax” about these things…and by doing this we invoke it’s opposite and bring it to balance. An obsession (“possession”) is a strong attachment, the inability to let go. When you have these negative thoughts, simply acknowledge and let them go, let them pass through, but at the same time acknowledge what they are telling you about your dissatisfaction with life and take the necessary steps to address those issues. For example, a strong unconscious anger towards someone may indicate that you feel suffocated and need to create your own space and time away from that person….these kinds of repressed emotions are what come to the fore when we do spiritual work and we must listen to them but not allow ourselves to be obsessed by them (which comes from fearing them)…simply give them “space” and “acknowledgment”.


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