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I desire a succubus in my apartment, any suggestions on how to get one?

I have done summonings, to have one show up then have to leave. I even had one let me pet her cat as I pet her cat the hair fell off… she and I then kissed and I laid down and fell asleep. I have been trying hypnosis. any suggestion are appreciated. anyone willing to cast for me is also accepted.
the reason I post this question, I have had but one experience, and I wish to explore this possibility. I understand you biased points of view, as your own, but please think of possibilities. there is more to life.


  1. Find a not too cute gold digger, have her fall in love with you then have a kid. Trust me this will be one that you can’t not get rid of, good luck

  2. Don’t listen to those horrible people. They know nothing of the supernatural 🙂
    Try ebay, they have some good haunted items for sale. But you have to be careful coz some items may be fake. Here are some sellers stores that have good reputations but please don’t take my word for it. I have not bought from some of these sellers but I just have from Creepy Hollows and my gryphon and chinese fox should be here soon! 🙂 Bythepowerof3 has a good reputation too. Here is the link to the creepy hollow forum. They have info, tips and experiences of different spirits. You should go there. Their are so many like minded people to become friends with!
    Also here are the links to the ebay sellers that have succubus
    Also if your looking for other spirits here are some other ebay stores
    Spirits are wonderful to have around and each one has their own personality. Ever since my spirits have been here in my house I HAVE FELT SO MUCH HAPPIER! They can change your life! I suggest you read up on succubus before you decide to get one because if you have never had any experiences with spirits before then it might be better to get one that is ‘light’ in nature and is easy to look after and get along with, because succubus are considered dark arts, so are a little harder to handle. This does not necessarily mean they are evil, but like I said, it’s best to read up about them. If you have the determination and courage then go for it. There is good info on them in the creepy hollows site. Good luck finding your succubus! 😉

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