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I can't stop touching my neck…?

I have this weird thing that i think may be a phobia. I cant stop touching a certain part of my neck. It used to only happen when I would consciously think about it but now I do it unconsciously and I’ve had people point it out to me. Right now it’s hard for me to type this because I can’t stop touching that spot on my neck. I’ve had this problem for awhile and its starting to interfere with my school work.I can’t even stop when i’m in school. I fall asleep with my hands at my throat because the spot has to be touched. I’ve heard that it may be linked to my throat chakra and if it is I need to know why I do it. Is it a Phobia? Is it Spiritual? And if someone knows, how can I stop having this compulsive touching of my neck? I have no other symptoms of compulsiveness if it is linked to OCD. I am not obsessed with cleanliness I have no special habits no obsessive routines, just this constant need to touch my neck. If it may be linked to my past I have no recollections of dramatic events that would pretain to this. Its only been going on for about a year now. well maybe longer I dont rightly remember, but if anyone has any answers or any advice on how I could stop please help me. Because this obsession is starting to take control of my life.

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  1. i have the same problem only i never really thought much of it until now, i dont think mine is as bad as your though, cuz i can stop, i just do it unconciously all the time

  2. Here is a solution:
    stop touching yourself.
    Chakra doesn’t exist. Stop watching Naruto.
    God is just a being made up by old world people to explain what they didn’t know.
    Try spending time FOCUSING not touching it.
    then try a little longer
    then longer
    until you do it sub-consciously

  3. its ocd and get help you can get meds for that
    have someone tye your hand a chair for as long as you can stand it
    or try putting a bandaid on that shop

  4. well, if you smoke rock then thats why. but if not find something else to do that will keep you from touching your neck

  5. ok the only way to stop stuff like that is take the full walk instead of steps. sit on your hands and watch yourself not touch your neck in the mirror and stare at yourself until you no longer feel the need to touch it.

  6. It sounds like a simple compulsion (OCD). How to stop it?
    Put a large rubberband around one of your wrists. Every time you feel the NEED to touch the spot on your neck, snap the rubberband on that wrist instead. You will get tired of the snapping on your wrist, and hopefully go on to have more fun in your life.
    The cool thing about a rubberband? it’s cheap, and a lot more inexpensive than a therapist (who would probably tell you the same thing).

  7. My husband had something similar and it got to the point where it totally affected his life all together. He told me about it because he knows that I have always had problems in the past with this sort of thing. after talking to me his problem started to go away. he kept himself busy and didn’t give in to the temptation. I think you should talk to a professional sometimes just talking about it gets the weight off of your shoulders but if you tell yourself it is ridiculous to keep touching your neck over and over rather than do it you will train yourself to stop doing it. all the best.

  8. a phobia ia an unreasonable fear or panic, not a compulsive behavior
    sounds like an OCD type of thing to me, there are meds that can help & also therapies that help change behavior
    you probably need to discusss this with your doctor or someone who can provide a referral

  9. check out this link http://www.scribd.com/doc/50221/Hyatt-Christopher-S-Undoing-Yourself-with-Energized-Meditation-and-Other-Devices
    its a book called “Undoing yourself with energized meditation and other devices”
    The excercises in the book focus on getting rid of habits. For example, it says that thoughts=tension and when your thinking a lot you get tension around your neck and head especially. So maybe doing the exercises would help? If your not interested in the book part of the book just keep scrolling until you get to each exercise but its interesting.

  10. me neither….
    do you grab it like with one hand with your pointer finger and thumb touching each side of your jaw?probably not but thats how i do it…..

  11. Fist off….relax…. worst case, it clearly sounds like OCD….which is very common….there are many treatment options, from therepy, to medications….or a combination of the two….
    you should see a professional to be on the safe side….and to get rid of this thing that is driving you “crazy” 😉
    In the mean time….sometimes a repititious activity, a walk….or simply intervention when the behavior comes up can be helpful….
    There are many websites with info on OCD…. just google it 😉

  12. Let me just start off by saying:
    OCD is not just about cleaning or other compulsions. its also any habbit that interferes with your day to day, or even superstitions like not opening an umbrella, or throwing salt over your shoulder. its just that whatever it is, is magnified more than anyone else would do. Even counting money more than once before you put it into a wallet can constitute as OCD. it may be that. but if you really dont think it is and dont have the time to go to a Doctor, you can try to see if it is spiritual.
    There are many books on Chakra’s and also pressure points.
    maybe you were hurt on your neck in a past life and your subconcious remembers it. IF that is the case, all you have to do is recognize it and let it go. It is definetly not a phobia. A phobia is a fear. If you are not deathly afraid to the point of maybe peeing on yourself if you dont touch your neck, it is not a fear. it may be linked to panic, though. put your hands on your lap. try to see how long you can keep them there. if you start to breath heavily and panic, then it is related to panic and a doctor can give you medication to try to get yourself out of that habit.
    i wish you the best. good luck in your journey of finding out why you do that.

  13. It might be Tourret’s- involuntary tics that you really can’t control. Many people do things like this and they don’t even realize it. A lot of people bite their nails, touch their face, constantly washing their and many other things. There’s nothing wrong with you, but just like many other people you have a tic that you can’t really control. Happens to plenty of people.

  14. I used to have an obsession with touching my nose when I was a teenager, and my Mother used to scream at me to stop touching my nose. It was an unconscious habit. It is a form of fidgeting and needing your fingers and hands to stay busy doing something. It is comforting to touch yourself and calms you. Some people smoke and twirl their hair or doodle to keep their fingers active. Yours just happens to be touching your neck. I would try this method about trying to be conscious of your movements throughout the day and everytime you find yourself touching your neck stay stop and put your hands down. You also might try “tapping” to distract you. You can learn tapping techniques on the internet. Go to youtube. It will take a few weeks to reteach yourself not to touch your neck, but it is important that you don’t replace touching your neck with touching something else and transfer your obsession to something else. You need to learn to live life without constantly needing to touch your neck.

  15. Wow same here, you just have to touch a certain part of your neck right. Mines right side middle bottom. Would have bet I was the only one.

  16. After searching the Internet and finding almost nothing about this subject, I finally found this page. My mother suffers from the same thing. Sometimes it’s about every 30 seconds, sometimes once every few minutes, and sometimes it’s nonstop for hours on end. She lifts her left hand (always the left one) and quickly puts it around her neck. Sometimes it stays stationary, or sometimes she uses her index and middle fingers to rub down the front of her neck. It’s been going on for about a year. She used to deny that she EVER did it, even when I would say something to her while it was happening!
    Afer a while, I would reach over and touch her hand when she’d put it around her neck, and at that point she had to admit she was doing it. She would remove her hand, but it would make her very irate. She would shout “Stop bothering me, leave me alone!” or “Don’t worry about it!” When her hand was no longer around her neck, her tic would redirect and something else would happen, like an intense fit of rapid blinking or rapid gasping, or her head would start shaking.
    She hasn’t stopped the behavior, and now when the hand goes around her neck, her tongue comes all the way out of her mouth and she bites down on it, with her lips curled under her teeth. She slowly pulls her tongue back in, then she blinks and twitches. She’s moving nonstop and unintentionally making a spectacle of herself in public. She’s a very intelligent person, but people stare at her or treat her like she’s mentally handicapped, and I hate it. She’s back to denying that any of this happens, and she’s ruining her face by biting down on her lips nonstop, and leaving huge blisters on her tongue.
    What do I do for someone who is in such denial about her problem?


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