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I can't get over the people I treated badly..?

To make a story short: over the past few years, I hung out with a bad crowd, and treated TONS of people like complete garbage. I didn’t really care at the time, but now it feels like karma is getting me back. BIG TIME.
I used to toy with women and break their hearts without caring at all. I used to put people down for the dumbest reasons, and now it feels like it’s all coming back at me. I’m usually the one leaving women behind, but lately, they’ve been toying with me instead, and it kills my heart. The people who I thought were my friends moved on and left me because I felt remorse and disagreed with how they act, so they’re gone too. They mock me put me down without a single care in the world.
I’ve even made attempts on visiting some of the people I treated badly and apologizing to them, pleading to them just to let me make an apology, even if they didn’t accept. Most of them just shrugged me off which stung since I couldn’t get a clear resolution. It hurts so much.
I’m only 20 years old, but it feels to me like I’ve done an eternity of hurting others. How do I get over this? It’s driving me crazy.


  1. now try doing something good for people, they dont have to be the ones you hurt(since they arent accepting your apologies)

  2. at least you tried apologizing, i know people that refuse to even so much as do that when theyve treated people like trash

  3. I have to tell you something that I’m sure will be news to you–it’s not all about you. You can’t mess with people, then expect them to hear you out and accept your apology on your terms. Sorry. It’s not their problem that you can’t “get a clear resolution.” It’s also not their problem that you’re hurt. Perhaps you should’ve thought of all of this when you were treating people like shit.

  4. If they don’t forgive you, you need to accept that. I’m not saying that to scold you, but if you don’t accept it, you’re going to remain miserable.
    The best thing you can do is start from here. Take the past as a learned lesson and treat people right from now on. You’re only 20 years old and you’re bound to meet a lot more people in your life. There will be plenty of time to make yourself a better person.

  5. If their not accepting your apology, maybe you just need to move on for awhile and make some new friends and treat them well. The people you hurt may see that you actually have changed and may want to make amends.
    You need to put the past in the past and move forward. Its good that you now realized what you did was bad. Now it’s time to move on. Not sure if your religious, but if you are..ask God for forgiveness. Your record will be cleared no problem.
    You also need to forgive yourself.

  6. First of all i applaud you for standing up and realising you did something wrong and trying to make it right,ouv asked for their forgivness is amazing but you need to forgive yourself,
    Sometimes we do stupid things in life and we have to learn from them
    Now you are growing up and regret the things youv done wev all hurt people.No matter what you’v done you need to move on now,Make a fresh start your so young imagine how much you can do for the world.Teach people what you did and teach them not to do those things.Send loving meditation thoughts towards the people youv hurt so they can move on to.
    Pray to whomever your higher beign is and ask the universe for forgivness.
    You are so young you have the rest of your life to make mistakes,We all do,So make peace with yourself aknowledge what youv done and come to terms with it.You will be fine.


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