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I can't get in contact with my spirit guide?

I’ve been asking my spirit guide (or guides) to give me some kind of sign but I get nothing. I do believe they exist and I am ready to start communicating. What should I do?

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  1. Sometimes no answer is the answer…. there are certain things one needs to figure out on their own….here is your sign…..

  2. My opinion is that you should critically examine why you think spirit guides exist. There’s at least one great explanation why you’re having trouble with communicating with your spirit guide, which is that there is no such thing. I would encourage you to be open-minded to this possibility as you try to gain contact.

  3. I think that they are not ready to communicate with you, if they do that at all which I truly don’t believe they exist I also think you have been watching Montel Williams’s show that Sylvia Brown lady is nothing but a fraud there is no such thing as a spirit guide


  5. they make contact when they think you’re ready usually in your dream or you see sparkles of light when they are around but they come only when you’re in need i mean difficulty tough situation to guide you to show you that you’re not alone

  6. People have debated for centuries as to what such things actually are – i.e., what a “spirit guide” ‘really’ is. Whatever your belief, however, it’s undeniable that some people believe that they talk to spirit guides, and that the spirit guides give good counsel.
    Whatever their true nature – astral spirits or subconscious thought processes – you’re always in communication with those that you would perceive as “spirit guides”. You can’t -not- be in communication with them. But they’re not telekinetic, they can’t give you the kind of sign you’re looking for. They can’t rap three times loudly on the wall, or hover something in front of you.
    Whatever their true nature, these “guides” communicate with us via flashes of insight, dreams, hunches, gut instinct. Also what some call “omens” – i.e., when you find yourself noticing something much more intensely than you normally would. For example, you see a girl with a yellow sweater on the bus, and “something” about the yellow sweater is striking to you, but you can’t explain it. That kind of perception of the most seemingly trivial things, and on the spur of the moment, is a “heads up” of sorts from your guide. It’s telling you that there’s something you should be thinking about or be aware of or watchful for, and that the yellow sweater (or whatever other “omen” it is that you see) is somehow a symbol of it or something connected to it.
    Our minds use symbols to make sense of the world. Our subconscious minds use symbols to convey messages to us about what’s going on in its hallowed neurons that our conscious mind can’t ordinarily grasp. Any perception that seems to flicker with an extra-special intensity – it could be a message from a spirit, or a recognition from your subconscience about something that it cannot convey to you directly. The subconscience is unable to effectively communicate in words as the conscious mind is wont to do.
    So the key is to try to view the world as a sort of “waking dream”, and try to interpret everything in that dream as a symbol. In real life, yes, I mean that. Every person you meet, every sight you see, every texture you feel – it all symbolizes something about or inside of you, in some way.
    And in truth, I believe it actually does, for we are all connected in various ways, all a part of the same momentous existence.
    Just some thoughts. Don’t get too caught up in thinking about “psychic” stuff, because that kind of thinking leads nowhere. If there are real psychics, they don’t need to obsess about it in order to be so. And if there aren’t, then thinking so obsessively is a waste of time. The attitude, “Maybe it’s a psychic thing, maybe there’s some purely logical reason I just don’t understand” – that’s the attitude you need to take if you wish to avoid being taken in by any of the many characters who will try to take advantage of you on a path like this. The trick is to not care which is true – to be okay with it whether it’s something “psychic”/”paranormal” or just some complex thought process that’s incomprehensible to the conscious mind.
    Good luck! 🙂

  7. They usually only come when seriously needed, when you speak to them, they know already the way you feel. I do know for me My guide or guides came when I prayed to God concerned prayer for help and protection. I was able to call My spirit guide in now and then at the time she came to me, and she came often in within that four year span when it was really needed. I was lucky enough to see her many times, asleep and awake, and hear her voice. They usually always come when your asleep, THEY USUALLY SPEAK TELEPATHY, give messages through dreams, and give you some past life memories with a messages within. To some people their voice within is faint, so if your not listening, your guides message will be unheard.
    They know how your spirit within feels, and usually that is the ticket to communication, they won’t come on your every whim, because they don’t want you to be completely dependent on them.
    If you believe in God, you can ask God to send you your guide, but like I said, basically God and your spirit guides know the true way you feel and if it’s concerning enough they will get through to you, if they have to show themselves, but it’s usually the sensitive person that will be the one to see their guides.

  8. You’d best leave your spirit guides to help you when you ‘re in real trouble. Someone has loaded your dice against you. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. What should you do? Stop believing they exist and move on to other more productive things. At least that’s my advice. When a spirit guide taps you on the shoulder and says “hi I’m your spirit guide” maybe then you might want to believe in them.

  10. No offense but such things do not exist. I would move on if I were you. If such beings actually existed then I’m sure they would contact you when you needed it. Don’t get your hopes up in paranormal and superstitious nonsense.

  11. I believe in spirit guides totally! 🙂 I have only connected with one once and have not managed to connect with it again. I have though connected with my Power animal or Animal spirit 🙂 The thing that I am doing now is first connecting and building a better relationship with my Guardian Angel and then once I feel the time is right I will ask him for assistance and advice as to how to connect with my spirit guide 🙂 I found out that connecting and forming a stronger relationship with your guardian angel is quite easy and does not take to much time. In brief just sit down and meditate for a bit or pray or whatever feels right to you and whatever you feel will calm you down. Once you are relaxed and calm out loud or in your mind start to talk to your guardian angel (even if you think it sounds a little loopy) All the angel needs to know is that you are open and willing to be aware of it and that you want to build a relationship with it. Once it knows that you are aware of its existence, it will start to make itself for clear to you (This doesn’t mean in visibility, everyone connects with their GAs in a different way) You can also meditate more or talk to you guardian angel on a regular basis as if you were talking to a friend (you can do this outloud in a private place or through thought) this will surely build your relationship 🙂
    For more info or if you want more help feel free to message me 🙂
    Love Light and Peace 🙂

  12. You are too focused on “expecting” a certain type of communication and that is the result of your conscious mind over analyzing and sifting through information and not letting intuition and subconscious connection happen. However if you genuinely called out for your guide and initiated a welcome then they probably did communicate back to you through intuitive feelings, symbols and signs. Also spirit guides are always there to help and guide and does not just come when you are in crisis. In fact during crisis the intensity of emotions hinders one’s ability to connect with astral and spiritual beings. They only communicate when you’re ready and receptive. Its a very personal experience that only you can focus and meditate on.


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