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I cant function properly without zoloft?

I dont know anymore. I take zoloft to regulate my mind. When Im happy, I get sad knowing that life is so absolutely pointless. when I dont take zoloft I get consumed by stress and pointless anxiety. Ive been told its because Im left handed. Ive been told its because Im slightly OCD and bi-polar. When the zoloft kicks in, I can almost feel like a chemical shift in my head. I forget about things. I cant work like this.. I can live a life like this. Ive tried some illegal drugs, when I realized this terrible information. Didnt help. Is this how Im going live? Should I just accept this as my fate and live in this world of extremes? Ive been to therapists, phsycotherapists and Ive tried a spiritual approach.. I dont know. What a war I fight everyday : )
Yea, Hate Monster nothing beats the invincibility of an SSRI taking over your central nervous system.
I love it dude.


  1. We live in a medication culture. Most people must take a pill of some sort to get by. I don’t think you’re any different.

  2. Take your zoloft. I know you’re going through hell. Is there a reason why you don’t want to take zoloft when it makes you feel better? These type of medicines work in a variety of ways. My daughter has epilepsy. She also has serotonin issues (she’s autistic so has anxiety which is very common for them), although she doesn’t take zoloft. She only takes seizure meds. Anyway, not only do they help mitigate the symptoms of your neurotransmitter imbalance, but it also works by stopping the damaging patterns your brain has set into. If these patterns aren’t stopped, they will compound and become increasingly worse. Furthermore, there has been recent evidence that these type of medications may help to regenerate brain cells in the affected areas of the brain. If it is helping you, then this is a good thing. Again, why would you not want to take it? Someone dear to me also takes this so I know the side effects can be strong. Exercise helps increase serotonin levels and fights off some of the side effects of zoloft for this person greatly, seriously. The anxiety and such you feel are a real physical manifestation. Don’t give up on seeking answers on what helps you. It could be an endocrine system imbalance. Your thryoid. Lots of things. It’s a lot of work to figure out the puzzle, but if you have zoloft in the meantime that helps you….take it! Good luck, I know it’s hard.

  3. Well, you kinda answered your own question…Zoloft works for you. I have a mood disorder that I believe is genetic. My mom takes sedatives daily and still feels awful. My one aunt has every test done at the docs known to man to make sure she’s not dying, another aunt takes so many meds, she’s installed aluminun wallpaper on her ceiling (so aliens won’t read her thoughts) My sister is a druggie alcoholic. I take one Paxil everyday and probably always will. So what. I take my vitamins everyday. My husband has pills for high b/p and diabetes. No biggy. If I didn’t have Paxil and was told in order to feel better, I needed to eat a live cockroach every morning., Well, I’d say bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

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