I cant decide between two doulas, can you help?

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There are 2 doulas that I am interested in. One is certified in Asian Massage which includes acupressure and reflexology, and she is also certified in Advanced Medical Qigong, which is energy bodywork, or chi emission therapy. I felt a connection with her over the phone and she seemed so warm. The other I met during a tour at the hospital. I feel she may have an in at the hospital because she does tours & gives health eduation classes & will come to my home for prelabor. I didnt feel quite the connection with her. Who would you go with?

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First baby due 06/06/09

the first one. though i would set up a meeting with her just to make sure the connection is there in person too!


The second one, because she’s familiar with the hospital, and because I don’t really put a lot of stock in things like “energy bodywork” and “chi emission therapy” (nothing against acupuncture and massage, though).
Do either of the provide references? Maybe doulas don’t do that–I’ve never used one.

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I would go with option number 2 personally. But sounds like option 1 is what you really want so go for it! Maybe you can ask them both to spend some time with you answering your questions (in person) in order to make your decision a little easier.

Mommy to be 2 my Lil Princess

The one you felt the connection with maybe you should try to meet her in person. But dont go with the second one it seems like you are already uncomfortable with her. Good Luck


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