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I can't achieve astral projection, any tips?

I have been trying for a month, and I am able to get to a point where I can’t feel my body, but nothing really happens after that. I just lay there and relax. It’s so frustrating! I really want to try this, but its not working. Anyone have any tips? Serious answers please.


  1. Tip: Ask yourself why nobody’s ever claimed the James Randi Educational Foundation’s $1,000,000 for proving astral projection is real.
    >I just lay there and relax. It’s so frustrating!
    Relaxing. You’re doing it wrong.

  2. they have done tests and its not real. the test was putting a note on top of a book shelf while they did it and they did the same at hospitals for people claiming to see everything from an outside perspective while unconscious. no one has passed this test.
    my tip: quit.

  3. It doesn’t work. Those who truly believe they have done it have most likely convinced themselves they have… the power of suggestion can be pretty strong and after you spend that much time trying and willing yourself while relaxing you can cause yourself to feel sensations like tingling and other mind-trippy stuff that can help you feel like you are doing it that you can quickly actually hallucinate and think you are astral-projecting when really you are not doing anything.

  4. I read that in one country people use razor blades which they rub on the back of their tongue to help them leave the body. It is supposed to be very painful to do this and if the body is in a state of suffering then the spirit body will leave it. There have been stories of people in prison who have had such a hard time there that to leave their body became easy.
    I crashed on a motorbike and got thrown out of my physical body, so it can happen.
    Also, I read that the experiments in the hospital someone else here mentioned DID work. Get yourself a book on Near Death Experiences and read of the many accounts of people coming out of their bodies. Eckankar teaches of coming out of your body too (and how to do it).
    I was told that Aleister Crowley taught that to get out of your body, you need to lie on your back on a bed and close your eyes and then imagine yourself standing at the other end of the bed staring at your physical body. This imagining technique is similar to what Eckankar teaches. You keep imagining until eventually it becomes real.
    I must admit that I can’t get out of my body at will. It is something I would like to achieve, hopefully without pain.

  5. Do not listen to these fools who gain education from books but no wisdom or experience.
    It is real…Keep attempting and experimenting and it will happen. And when it does you will perfectly understand while of these idiots are misled by science.


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