Can someone tell me why this comes so naturally to me?
And why i can do this?
What is it?
For example,
I pass someone who has a specific aura around them, and i can tell right then if they’re troubled or that something major has happened sometime in their life.


  1. thats cool wish i could do that!! and like to be able to fly as well!
    What would you rather have invisibility or flight?

  2. some people have better intuition than others. you’ve been wired to be able to sense that kind of stuff in people, so make sure you put it to good use!

  3. It’s called Empathy. The ability to feel others emotions like they are your own.
    If you suffer from it as badly as I, then you may consider it a curse rather than any kind of ‘gift’.
    Being able to tell when someone is lying to you, even when it’s someone you should trust, is never nice. In fact, it hurts a hell of a lot.
    You’ll discover too, that more people than you ever thought, lie to themselves without even realising it.
    Aura’s are not something I can see though, not for want of trying(too hard probably)!
    Oddly enough, my ex wife, who believed beyond any doubt in my abilities but never had any suchlike of her own, being a somewhat materialistic person, became able to see aura’s a few years ago. It’s changed her life.

  4. Because you have emotional intelligence. Many people who are empathetic have it. It’s not a satanic or unnatural psychic ability. It just seems uncanny to some of people because the world is full of insensitive, inconsiderate, self centered people.

  5. Most people can do this. Just about everyone has had “something major” happen to them, that’s no real “ability.” Just a guess with a high probability of being correct.
    We can all sense emotions and moods and such. Some of us may be better at it than others, or we might just imagine we’re good at it. Can you do this with total strangers, or mostly with family and friends? If you can do this with strangers, how do you know you “sensed” properly, do you ask them? “Hey, I’m sensing you’re sad today…are you?”
    Try counting your misses as well as your hits. Keep track of the times you guess right, as well as the times you guess wrong. Maybe you’re a little more observant than some folks you know.
    …you are not psychic.

  6. You are gifted, dear. 🙂 Some people are more developed than others…maybe it’s from a past life where you developed it. Be thankful for it, and practice it daily. 🙂

  7. You are most likely an empath. This is a very interesting psychic ability to have. It can be both helpful and frustrating. With empathy you are able to pick up on the emotions others are having. An empath may have a “gut feeling” about another person’s emotions, or even begin to feel the same emotions as another person.
    I am an empath and know what you are going through. Below I have listed sites explaining what empathy is and how to develop your abilities.
    However, what you are going to find most useful is the site explaining how to shield yourself. Have you ever found yourself in a crowded area such as a school hallway, busy cafeteria, or a stadium and felt dozens of different emotions all at once? This commonly happens with empaths, especially ones who have developed their abilities. Sometimes we do pick up on more than one emotion and it can be very nerve wracking. Occasionally it can get to the point where you can’t tell which emotion is yours anymore or you feel like you have to jump up and get out of there before you scream.
    This is why shielding is a good thing. When you put up a shield, it blocks other’s emotions from crossing the shield to get to you. It is very useful and something every empath needs to learn to do.


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