i can see rings around people. is this they're auras?





its not a huge ring, but when i focus on someone i can see a thin outline of they’re head/body. its kindof like a ring of light…almost like when you look pass something hot like fire…the heat waves.
has anyone had this happen?
and its not astigmatism, i have 20-10 vision. i can see them clearly its just and outline of there body looks weird.


  1. that depends
    when we focus on someone , we usually do tend to see a haze around them , if they are still
    it is just an optical illusion
    it happened to me all the time in the lecture hall with my lecturer
    however , if they move and the haze moves with them … this is probably the aura
    the aura should move with the body
    so try it and see what happens

  2. You may have great vision, but when we squint or focus on an object, ou eye lashes and eye fluids distort our vision. Nonetheless, perhaps you are clairvoyant. Have you ever heard of Lorraine Warren? She uses her aura-detecting skills to investigate claims of paranormal activity.

  3. Probably. At least science has proved that people give off energy. They can even measure it. The have also studied the transference of energy from your hand to another object by touching it. I’m sorry that I don’t have anything to source, I only know that I saw it on the Science Channel about 2yrs ago. It was very interesting and made my skeptic ass start to think a little differently and with even more open mindedness.

  4. I think you spend too much time in the swimming pool. I see rings around things until my eyes recover from all the water or chlorine, or whatever does it.

  5. Hi..You are a spiritual being in a physical body..Within you is a spiritual body which can see spiritual things and people on the next level of existence, the world of Spirit which is around us and within this same space as we are, separated by different energy frequency….
    The more sensitive of us can perceive some of the auric energy within and around people..If youve been born in the past 25 yrs or so, you may be what is known as an Indigo, an older soul in a sensitive body, able to sense and see more than most other people currently, althoug that situation is changing now as we are all changing..Look up *Indigo Children/Adults* on the net..Books have been written..Their sensitivity can be a challenge and they cant stand disharmony and arguments..
    Currently, energy changes within and around us are increasing our ability to perceive beyond our normal range of sight and sound..
    Mail me if you feel to do so..

    • Hi, I read your comment here and I’m experiencing the same thing, just recently though. When I look at people that I have a deep connection with, I see a larger ‘ring’ around their heads and shoulders than with those who I don’t typically have a connection with.
      I was wandering, what should I do with this? I’m not really sure what it means and would very much so appreciate your advice?
      I’m just not very sure what it means and what I should do with it, I don’t want to just ignore it as I feel it’s something special and exciting too 🙂

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