I can see most auras. What does it mean if I see a bright shining aura around someone in a photo (onlyme)?

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The aura in the picture isn’t there for eveyone but I can see it brightly on the one person.

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Oh, that means that you are retarded. Sorry.


it says you have a gift.
work on refining it.
read books, seek out others who can do it too.
You are special

Maureen S

What a wonderful gift you have. And you are stating it out loud. Great! Some people try to hide the fact that they have special gifts.
Well, I would be interested to know who that person was, what their personality was like and what kind of loving heart they had. At a guess, I would say that this person with the aura, is a very spiritual person, who has been on the path for a long time.
About 20 years ago I walked into a Mediums Office, a very well known one, and he started to cry. He said” You have the most wonderful light”. I was knew to the path then, and I didn’t really understand. Now, years later, I think he meant that the “older” you are as a soul/spirit, the brighter your light is Maybe it wasn’t an aura you saw on the picture but a light of the soul.
I treasure that moment, and I say this without ego, just with gratitude.
Keep training your talent and using it. You have a special gift. If you get any more such experiences I would love to hear about them. You can e-mail me through Answers, if you so desire.


Your not the only one here,I myself can also see those auras around people’s body.I’m afraid I might die because of it.For some reasons I’m beginning to feel the emotions of the people I’m trying to watch and sense.The purple one really scares me a lot and I dont want to feel that kind of emotion again.
Am…do you feel them??just like you’res I couldn’t feel them before but as it took longer I could able to feel it.
Maybe you can feel it at the right time.


Are you going to Hug a tree for Earth Day?

I have seen people do that and they are on some Drug are you?

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