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I can see ghosts and I need help?

Well, see, I think I have a gift…I can see auras, I know that for a fact. I was lying in bed the other night, when I saw a little girl. She was see though, of course. She couldn’t have been more than 7. I then heard a toy xylophone playing a tune, I guess you could call it. I’m only 13 (14 next month) and I’m scared. I need to know what to do, I still don’t feel comfortable with this yet.


  1. well i am 14 and that is strange.. maybe you were dreaming?? i am not sure that is possible. ghosts don’t exist. i seriously think you were dreaming or just hallucinating.

  2. Do you know any girl who has died that would be around the age of Seven?
    If it makes you feel better tell your mother or father.

  3. Contact the Southwestern Ghost Hunter Society or some other ghost hunter or paranormal society. Ask them for advice. It is a gift, but it can be a curse as well. You should buy a cross as a precaution against demons and malevolent spirits. Maybe you were meant to help these spirits cross over…?

  4. Your a mediator. You can see ghosts. If you see one again, you might be able to talk to it, solve it’s problems. But if that was just a one time deal, let it go. Only a dream.

  5. i think that is cool, i dont think you are lying either because I am Catholic and know many catholic people who have seen ghost before. I really dont know though, maybe you should pray for them. At night just pray for them and if you see her again just pray

  6. It would be a curse for me to be able to see tormented and lonely spirits, If you can try to use that ability to help spirits.. within boundaries though, you wouldn’t want to upset a poltergeist or god forbid allow entry to a demon…If your afraid burn some sage and start wearing a crucifix (optional) but you can pray to god or get a priest to bless your home and maybe the spirits will go away.

  7. It might sound stupid, but tell her out loud that she needs to leave you alone. You can be nice about it, but make it clear that you don’t want her there and that you’re too young to deal with having her around. It doesn’t seem like she wants to scare you, so if she knows that she is scaring you, she’ll listen and go away. It worked for me.
    Don’t worry if you want to be able to see her and other ghosts again someday, just not until you’re older. If you have that sense then you have it. You just have to be firm with them and tell them when you don’t want them to bother you. Remember, you’re the one who’s still alive, so YOU’RE in control.
    And don’t listen to the people who are telling you that you should help her and any other ghosts you might see. It’s your life, you can do whatever you like. She probably appeared to you because she knew that you could see her, not because she was asking for your help.

  8. I think you’re fine….pretty much everyone who goes to Waverly Hills in Kentucky can see the ghosts of tuberculosis patients who used to live there, but the ghosts have never been known to hurt anybody, so I think the majority of them are harmless. 🙂

  9. Just going off of what you wrote (which isn’t much), this is what I would and wouldn’t do:
    1) I would talk to you parents about what happened, unless you feel they’d react in an overly hostile manner towards you.
    2) I would make an appointment to see your family doctor. He may want you to get an MRI, or other similar test, in order to rule out the possibily of brain tumor, or an emerging epilespy. Please don’t worry. I doubt highly something like this is at the root of your experience, but it may pay to have it checked out.
    3) I would not go to a psychiatrist at this point, as s/he’d be likely to push some kind of anti-depressant on you. If your experiences continue and you see a psychiatrist, s/he may even prescribe anti-psychotic medications, and these are HORRIBLE for you.
    The point is, ruling out organic brain damage is a good idea, so see your doctor. But if you can handle your experience/s WITHOUT psychiatric help, you should really make every attempt to do so.
    4) I absolutely, under no circumstances, would contact any so-called “paranormal investigator” Most of these people are not professionals in the sense of being scientists. Rather, they tend to be fairly uneducated, lower class people who have read some books and deem themselves to be “experts” in a field that HAS no experts. Many of the paranormal groups I’ve observed are filled with people who should probably be in mental hospitals. The very, very last thing you want to do is invite this type of person into your life.
    There are other things you can do to cope and to help yourself, but I think that these “do’s and don’t” would be a good starting place.

  10. First of that isnt an aura. Second there is nothing wrong with you, personally I see them to sometimes and I’m NOT crazy. I wouldnt tell anyone though, I made that mistake once, haha that lady was a nutcase about it. Look just live a normal regular life. Sometimes your ghost friends arnt there to get help from you, they are there to give YOU help. I know this will sound crazy but I dance ballet on pointe and I was quite good at it to start with. The reason why was because every time I went on pointe I felt as if someone was holding me, so I was never afraid. Although my teacher looked at me funny sometimes because my hands would look weird as if I was holding another persons hand but oh well. Just live your life, and remember you are just gifted not weird.

  11. Let your parents know.
    It most likely was a dream.
    Sometime during the waking process the dream part continues for a minute after we open our eyes. It could be a hallucination, they can happen if something in the brain isn’t working right. It could be imagination and fear getting the best of you. If you expect something to happen you just think it has happened.
    You don’t have a ghost, rest easy.

  12. All of these people are idiots and are completely full of sh*t. There is no such thing as ghosts. If you think you saw a ghost, you are simply mistaken. If you absolutely believe that you saw a ghost, then you need psychological treatment. All of these statements are absolute fact. Learn to discern fantasy from reality, and accept reality as it is, or be a delusional dumbass like half the morons on this planet…

  13. It is a physical state called hypnogogic that most people mistake for being supernatural. As we fall to sleep our bodies fall into a paralysis and our brains slip into a subconscious moment , this moment can be experienced as many hallucinatory effects. Do not worry there are no ghosts and stop being frightened by it as it is a normal stage in our sleep pattern that most people do not remember after waking , it usually happens if we are disturbed whilst passing through this stage and wakening whilst still under its effect. Hope this helps you sleep better .

  14. Don’t worry, I’m 14 and see have seen ghosts. I was in London, walking down the street and saw this 17th century man walking towards me, and I thought he was an actor or something, but he disappeared in front of my eyes. I asked my dad if he had seen the guy, but he hadn’t and we were the only ones on the street. I have also heard them. Supposedly lots of people hear or see ghosts.

  15. It is a gift, but it can be a curse as well. I started to see Spirits when I was five after I had a grand-maul seizure. ( I have Sturge-Webber Syndrom it causes seizures) I have learned to Accept this gift/curse. Some days it’s alright some days it’s bad. I have learned to somewhat control it. It will take time but it will get better.
    Hope this helps.

  16. Hi, I too occasionally see ghosts in my house and im your age too, so the way i got through this was to just try to ignore as hard as it may seem, just a heads up, they will watch you, but if you try to talk with some of them they will tell you very interesting things, some ghost experiences will be TERRIFYING, but some can be very peaceful and good.

  17. hmm just ask a friend to stay over and sleep in your room, if he sees it then, um you both may have a gift, if he doesn’t then ask for a psychiatrist, ghosts likely don’t exist. we go to heaven or hell when we die

  18. If you are scared of ghosts you need to take charge. Tell the ghost that they are no longer welcome in your home, and that they must leave now.

  19. Ghosts are not there to hurt you. Tell it to go to the light. Then tell your parents. These abilities can be lost. I would try to hang on to it.

  20. Okei, im yer age too, and i know its gube awkward for chu hearin dis but its awkward for meh sayin it.
    Its just hormones acting WAYYY up,lol. Like way way up.
    I dont believe in ghosts, but i believe in demons. I doubt it was a ghost, Probably demon.
    Dont be scared tho, u cant be physically hurt.
    BUT i would reccomend telling someone if it makes you feel better?
    Dang i was gonna say something else but forgot what….. umm….
    OH YEAH!
    You could have been asleep. Like, dreaming. Or sleep walking. I have had dreams that i thought actually happened before.
    Hope this helped at all.

  21. well first of all there is a difference in physical reality..what u can feel and touch. This remains stable. Your mind is completely different. it goes were it wants to go and its very complex. just remember nothing can hurt u! 🙂 dont freak out, your not the only person who experiences these things. its happened since the beggining of man! your actually pretty normal..society has just become extremely resistent to nature of the earth and the mind. take a deep breath and accept that there are forces beyond you. if you can grasp the miracle of your own existence seeing a ghost or hearing a voice is not so strange. everything is possible. i would recommend reading about shamans…holy men in tribal communties. they are very respected for their abilities to enter other realms of reality and the best part is they learn to control it. dont give in to the 20th century view that this is wrong or else you will keep being scared. i can make hallucinations happen for example. but ive learned to control it! and i know many others you can as well, youll b fine sweetie

  22. well, i’m not exactly an expert on this but try researching: INDIGO CHILDREN. i’m really interested in those things. i can understand how you might be scared because the fact that you see people that are no longer with us might be a little scary, but you may or may not believe that god gave you this gift and that you might be physic.

  23. It is possible that you have seen an apparition .Do not be afraid ,ghosts are real but harmless.I have had a few haunting experiences and have come to accept them as a part of this reality. You may of encountered a residual haunting in which the ghost does not interact with you but just plays itself out as they did in life. This is one of the most common types of hauntings.Much like a recording being played out.I wish you well,, I think you will be ok .

  24. You should probably tell your parents first, especially if this turns out to be something that affects you on a daily basis. If you’re seeing people that others can’t see, then people will probably think your crazy because most of the people that say they can do this have been proven to be frauds, so you only want to tell people that will understand you and not be judgemental. After that, it’s really up to you, if you’re scared you need to tell someone though.

  25. Supernatural DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!!
    now I’m 13 too:)
    okay so the little girl that u saw she has now crossed to the other world yet. What you should do is keep on asking her questions like who are you, whats your name, things like that. Don’t be scared they wont hurt you. I’m sure you’ve watched Ghost Whisperer, that show might give you some more information then the web because its partially based on real life stories:) Don’t be alarmed if you see more ghosts and just be yourself, you need to learn how to control your gift. Before you saw this little girl has anything happened to you? Like you’ve bumped your hear somewhere hard or anything like that?? Have you seen ghosts before that day??

  26. The first advice. …” PLEASE TAKE ACTION….IMMEDIATELY..!
    quote; Enjoy good health, to bring happiness to ones family, to be bring to all. One must first discipline and take control of your own mind. If you can control your mind. YOU’LL be able to find a way to enlightenment. And all wisdom and virtues will naturally come to you..
    Its very important that you make sure you are tge one controlling. Your mind. Demons /spirits will try and can take over your mind. And make you have negative thoughts. Have you ever thought of suicide? If so, don’t do it. If they know that you are depress or at the edge of the cliff. they will haunt you down and try to persuade you to kill yourself. If you feel negative energy is a bad spirit,

  27. I know exactully what you are talking about because I have the same issue. I have been seeing sprits since I was 8 years old & I am almost 17. My parents think that its because I was resuscitated as a child, but were not exactully positive. What I can tell you is that there are people out there that specialize in this and actually help people with these kind of issues for a living. You just have to know where to look to find them.

  28. i can see ghost to do not be scared once you get used of it its fine hi i have been seeing ghost sence i was 4 and now i am 9 i have got used of it and i am not scared you just need to talk to them see whats wrong and help them

  29. I am 17 and I can see spirits and talk to them. If you try and seek medical help then be sure it is with someone that clearly states that they do believe in the paranormal. My advice is to not fear this but to embrace it. You will know when the spirit is something be feared.


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