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I can see auras, what should I do?

For the last three years I have seen colors around objects and people. I haven’t told but two people, and they have problems of there own. I haven’t even told my family, but my mom said that my great gramdma acted, funny. So I think I have psychic abilityies, I am freaking. I can tell what people are feeling without asking, and I also have dreams that always come true. I need help, someone tell me what is happening.


  1. You should get fresh air, at least 8 hours of sleep a day, healthy food and exercise.
    You should also stop abusing substances or other ways of escaping reality.
    Otherwise you will end up in a mental institution.

  2. Have no fears about seeing Auras. Accept this for what it is a Gift. There is nothing happening to you except that you have a GIFT that could be used for good. It is no shame to have special abilities. It just makes you more special as a person. Expand on this gift seek out others and enjoy what you have. Over the years I have had special abilities and my family know that I have them with out telling them. One of the major ones is I know if someone is gong to die or is some one is already dead. I am very selective about who I share information with. Since there are people out there who do not understand this ability and yes I have seen auras around some people but not all people. Good Luck with your ability

  3. Oh man. You have a super psychological gift. The auras supposedly are how someone feels. The dream coming true part is an odd rip in the space/time continuum in which you are really lucky. I have this ability too, and it is nothing to be afraid of. It could actually save your life. One day I had a dream about an elevator stopping for 21 hours, so I chose to take the stairs, and sure enough, the elevator was stopped for 20 hours and 56 minutes the very next day.

  4. Hello
    You are psychic with the ability to see the energy field known as auras. You are also clairsentient – which is the ability to feel what another is feeling and to some extent thinking. Precognition is knowing what is coming in, hence your dreams. You do not need help because you are crazy, you are indeed very gifted and have been placed on earth for a special reason to help other people.
    Below are some web site forums and chat rooms that you may find interesting. You can speak with like minded people.
    (interesting metaphysical and angel free videos on youtube from Doreen Virtue)
    I wish you all the best.
    Lots of Love


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