HomeDiscussion Forumi can see auras is that normal or rare?

i can see auras is that normal or rare?

i can grab someones hand and stare at it and i can see a line of color right above there skin and i look up the color and describes them perfectly do i have a gift??? plz answer


  1. Gift? No, don’t be stupid.
    It’s a common medical side-effect that happens when you’re lacking certain vitamins/minerals. Also, it happens a lot with seizures, epilepsy, and migraines especially.
    Also, retinal fatigue does it. If you haven’t been getting enough sleep same thing. Plus staring at something aginst a white backdrop will do it.

  2. i can as well. I’ve only found a few people who can. my aunt is one of them. I’m also what one would describe as “in touch with the paranormal”. i can enter a place and tell whether there is activity or not.

  3. YES ; you have a gift ;; People who can read aura are VERY rare ; and do not bother with all the nonsense answers you receive ;;; Jealousy is rampant among human being ;;;;;

  4. Rare? Not exactly… but not common either. There are a fair number of people who can be trained to read auras, but if you can do it without training, then your gift is strong. I would suspect you have other unusual skills too…


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