Sunday, September 26, 2021

I can see Auras I want to learn about them.?

Anyone know of a place to learn more about or harness this ability?


  1. Auras are impairings of your vision which are often part of a migraine attack. Many famous artists, particularly painters, had them, for example Vincent van Gogh, probably Pablo Picasso, and also Lewis Carroll, that’s why this effect is also called AIWS (Alice-in-Wonderland-Syndrome). See the link. To harness this you should seek treatment of migraine.

  2. Certainly auras are real but the study of them is divided into several categories according to their origin or cause. These are religious, scientific, i.e. physiological or medical, and paranormal. I presume it is the last which interests you.
    Although I have seen auras visually more often I see them mentally. This means that I get into a meditative state and visualize the person I wish to “read.” I can then see what I want, guided by intention. It helps if you have studied auras in paranormal or esoteric books on the subject.
    While there are pathological causes for seeing auras, e.g. a brain tumor, if you have gotten a clean bill of health from your doctor and optometrist and have no unusual symptoms like severe headaches which are associated with seeing auras, then go ahead and study the human aura. I regret that I cannot recommend any groups which teach this but watch for courses in ESP offered in your area. Sometimes community colleges offer courses on the paranormal.


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