I can see auras but how com I cannot see any colour?

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My aura looks like fuzzy white with a hint of gold? I cannot see any other colour.

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thats ok- maybe there is no other. white & gold are good


Maybe this will help you…

Tal Trismies

Maybe the LSD you took was too weak. It is known to have varying effects on different people. I can’t suggest that you take more, but the reason your auras aren’t colorful may be that you’re not tripping hard enough.
omg I just looked at this site http://thiaoouba.com/see_aura_color.htm HELLO that is the sensory-adaptation effect! You know, the one where you stare an inverse-color image of a flag or something, and then you look at a white background and you see the proper-color flag? I can’t BELIEVE someone would take such a well-known effect and try to pass it off for something like that. If you stare at ANYTHING for long enough you will begin to see colors around it because your sensory neurons become fatigued and as your eyes make subtle movements (which you cannot prevent) you begin seeing colors on the edge of whatever object you’re looking at. A white background increases this effect. Wow I can’t believe the audacity of those people


You already saw color in an aurora. The color is fuzzy white with a hint of gold.


Often when people begin to see auras they only see a white haze around the person generating the aura.
Meditate on what you have seen.
Meditate and open your mind; the gift becomes stronger as you meditate and practice it.


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