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i can make a vibration/electrical feeling throughout my body? similar too astral projecting? need your advice!?

so i been looking up “astral projecting” lately out of interest and found this:
he hits the nail on the head! i can do the same exact thing except its almost painful/paralyzing when i do it! is this the same type of vibrations you feel when astral projecting? does this mean i can do it on demand? also i have been able to do it since i was very young and thought it was weird but i didn’t and don’t do it for very long cause it scares me cause its almost painful but is it just mental pain?
btw is this the right section?
actually i tried it a couple times and its not as “painful” as i say although it does feel like an electrical current also its only in my limbs my head and my hips but not in my mid section of the torso. ???


  1. Can’t help you. Mine are involuntary, more like something that I occasionally notice than something that I can do.
    If you have any suggestions email.
    Love and blessings Don

  2. DON’T mess with astral projection. You are messing with demons. Read the book “He came to set the captives free” She did astral projection and she explains it in detail and explains why it is harmful.
    Stop while your already ahead. You will regret.

  3. I VE 2 suggestions.
    1 IF U WANT TO GET RID OF IT,just buy yourself a quran and read and recite surah 109 and 112 113 114 and whatever problem u r having will be gone.
    2 enhance this quality untill u can use it in any productive way.

  4. Pain seems to be an unusual experience, perhaps it’s the confused feeling of energy flowing into the head? Has your consciousness ever shifted into the etheric body, whereby you have an out of body experience?
    Vibrations are a characteristic just before separation during astral projection, as well as unusual noises. Yes, astral projection can be controlled with practice.
    *I also find that the extremities seem to begin the process before the rest of the body. With regards to the torso, when your breathing is relaxed and shallow, try extending your diaphragm and rib section with a long deep breath. See if you then have any tingling feelings; this isn’t part of astral projection, but I find it beneficial to explore your body’s state during these experiences — It allows you to become more mentally relaxed in future when you know what to expect.
    Ultimately, enjoy the experience. 🙂


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