I can do telepathy? is this a good thing?





well basically I’ve been interested in paranormal spiritualist stuff all my life and it’s a HUGE part of my dads side of the family (in the past). So I decided, why not have a go? well I started by reading a book about it and it basically gave a step by step guide as to the thing I tried. The thing I tried was to hold an object in my hand and send it to a receiver through telepathy (simplest explanation). My dad said he’d be the receiver and so I took an object and tried it. Well the creepy thing is it actually worked (though it was mild, plus my dad was downstairs and I was upstairs away from sight) because I picked up this book of ours that is striped all different colours, mainly turquoise and maroon. And basically after about a minute I went downstairs and asked him (my dad) what he got and he said that he had gotten the colours turquoise and maroon, and two parallel lines (the book was rectangular). So then I thoought it must be a co-incidence, so I tried it with four more objects and he got the basis of them all (eg I had a silver ring and my dad saw a circular shape with a lump on the circumference (the ring had a gem too) and I also did it with a toothbrush and he got a mild image, etc:P) so, my question is do you think I have some kind of telepathy? and I’m quite worried as to whether this is good or bad…….?
also just as a test again, I took this test:
and like each time the question came up the shape I wanted flashed and I scored 12/16?
I also did this one and it did the right card everytime?
@glitz: haha! I’ll try sending him a message wherever he is:P
-to glitz’s bf: “stop what your doing and buy a macdonalds!”


  1. There has NEVER been any CREDIBLE evidence for telepathy or psychic phenomena or any supernatural anything.
    People have TRIED, but there simply is no such thing.
    I’d need a LOT more detail to know what happened in your experiements with your father. For instance, a much better — though not completely solid — test would be for him to write down what he sees.
    If he has to make more than one guess before getting it right, or if you’re giving him subtle clues subconsciously, that would explain your results.
    If you DO have any “psychic ability” go to The Amazing Randi’s website. If you can prove it to his satisfaction, you can get a huge reward. At the very least, he can suggest much better tests than yours with your father’s — which is full of holes.
    If the card site is one of the ones I’ve seen, that’s not psychic ability. It’s a trick.

  2. its hard to say, because you and your dad clearly have a strong bond together it could be he knows what your doing without being there knows what your thinking without you telling him ect, saying that everyone to a degree has the ability to be psychic. I sat for about 5 mins today saying in my head to my boyfriend “get up and take me to mcdonalds” did it work? oh no it never :'( lol he didnt half give me a funny look though 🙂

  3. I think telepathy is a great thing . Think about it if you were lost or injured . You could send a telepathic message to your dad . Having natural abilities is a wonderful gift . You never know it may do you some good one day . or if the situation was turned around you might save someones life . If you acquire any more natural gifts Please embrace them . Everything is strange at first if you are not used to your natural abilities

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