I can control my adrenaline?

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Right first of all I want to say I know there are a few similar questions to this. The reason I know is because I searched for ages and read about other people who seem to be able to do the same thing… however are ridiculed by other people etc
Well I want to say that I am a highly intelligent person, I’m not some kid that has just watched ‘Wanted’ and wants to live the dream.
I understand that technically speaking it is impossible for me to control my adrenaline, I know how it works and I also have an intimate knowledge of what systems it works with and why etc…
I still have this ability… and it seems I am not alone, and I want to know what it means. Im not looking to be a super hero or anyone special I just want some answers or to start looking in the right direction.
For me it feels like this.
I just have to think about it and I feel a cold rush running down the back of my neck, this cold tingling sensation then fills my whole body… it is IDENTICAL to the feeling I experience when my body naturally triggers my adrenaline in a fight or flight scenario.
My heart rate increases and my pupils dilate and I do feel a little tired after it.
Now I know as a sensible person that this sounds fanatical and far fetched, but please take me seriously I can really do this and so can some other people… what does it mean?
I suspect it is linked to the pineal gland due to what I have researched and from my own personal experience of where the feeling starts from (the back of my neck), its ‘almost’ like adrenaline coming from the middle of my brain to the back of my neck and then down, that is what it feels like and I can turn it off and on when I please, my brain is telling me it can’t be adrenaline because I should not be able to control that function but that is exactly what it feels like and my body confirms this to me (increased BP and Heart Rate with dilated pupils)
I’m not crazy and I’m not making this up, I will happily be more specific about it to anyone who can potentially help me.
Please do not answer with any ‘Wanted wannabe your a fake’ type responses, I have taken the time to do this because I honestly want some answers about this and this is a last ditch attempt to see if anyone out there can help
Ok maybe I left that door wide open for someone to walk through so its my fault.
I have spoken to several doctors about this, five actually. The first 4 said it was impossible and didn’t believe that I could do it the last one was very interested and wants me to go for blood tests which I have coming in the next few weeks….
So yes this is a last ditch as I have explored many other avenues…. thanks

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This is a “last ditch effort”? Why not just ask your doctor at your next visit?


it is possible to control its abit similar to not getting cold in a freezing room by focusing on your breathing and heart rate picture yourself slowing your blood flow so has time to warm up where you can stand in a freezing room and not get cold but adrenalin is a bit harder i focus on events where i know adrenalin has been released and you will feel your heart rate pick up and the rush hit you ive been doing this for about 5 years now i usually only purposely release adrenalin occasionally once a month


i believe we can control our adrenaline. There is a lot of facts that indirectly prove it. example, Steve jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2005, they gave him 6 months to live. Steve jobs didn’t die until 2011 from the cancer. they say he will go down in history as the most important mind of the past 3 decades. He is the reason we communicate the way we do. the reason we have access to music and entertainment all over the world. Steve said he believes this cancer is the consequence for abusing acid. He didnt regret it because it showed him how to think from an angle that we dont normally think. it showed how strong our minds are and that if u tell ur self u can do something and u beleive, then u can do it. He said everything around you was invented by someone no smarter than you. our minds are so strong and the placebo effect proves that easily. if understand how adrenaline works and u tell ur brain to release it than it will. We are gods on this planet all we have to do is put our minds to it, literally


honestly what your saying i don’t think is impossible, because if you think about it on average people can only use about 7% of their brain power. If some people can do things others cant like you say you can i wouldn’t be surprised in the least. so i wouldn’t worry about it you should just use it to your atvantage somehow if you can. Its not the same as you but i can wake up anytime i want from a deep sleep. i can literally go to sleep and kinda tell my self to wake up at this exact time and i do it. also i can control my dreams which is really fun to do, and lets me dream about what ever. please don’t think i’m weird or crazy now because i’ve said this just saying that its not weird for some people to be able to do what most other people can’t.


weel id have to say that is amazing id have to learn how to do that. it would seem wierd but i can control my body electricity, and sometimes i use it to turn off the electricity going to a cut or scab, that tells my brain that makes me feel pain. i can also control it to make my body feel really generated, and strong. i did alot of searching on google, and it seems alot of people can do really awsome things, if we come together and teach each other these things, we would be using a big percent of our brain, and really see what we can do. 🙂 hope this help

William rosales

I have the ability to do that adrenaline rush thing but also I’m 15 and when I do it while walking at night alone some of the street lights turn off and it’s not a coincidence because this happens all the time when I activate this. This has to be something that naturally happens for some people because I haven’t really had any sort of training of physical or spiritual. onemore thing I have had dreams where i am waking in the street and the same thing happens with the lights but it’s somewhat different and I have had weird dreams of the future that the events in the dreams happen anywhere between the next day- the next year yet I remember it maybe this is somehow linked to this and maybe this feeling can be controlled gained or upgraded. Please reply if you find anything useful


I believe it can be possible, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I was able to regulate the level of anesthesia, when put in my system.
Whilst trying to get sedated at the dentist I was able to ward of the effects of the sedation, so I believe that these things can happen
The likely hood is that yes some people will regard you as a freak but I am sure in time you will find that some people will actually be interested, more because they want answers.


Hello,My Name Is Clamann Edwards .And i aswell can do this same thing. for as long i casn remeber. when i was little i use to do it alot. but i thouht that everyone could this. i usually only use to do it when im in a bad dreamn. and i want to wake up. i recently found out. that it increases your strength./and also your awarness and deffence and energy. i found this out at school one day when me and my friends wrer having a weight compotition. we wer seeing who can lift the most ; he is older so he lifted more until i thought why not i use my ”rush” and amazingly i could of lift it. i use to thought that. like wat is this and whats so special. i thought it was just a rush…but… its acctually a gift” and its amazing that we have this talent. it can make u do possibly anything. but try not do it as much . because a doctor said that if this is adrenaline” then u should not do it as much it will. do real physical damage to your body. so im only. goiinq to do this. if i have a impossible task. infront of me. some other people i read can do this its a forum. at dreamviews.com the forum are the people can do it.”type in adrenaline at will” . to twins said that they as-well can do it. mab its some sort of six-sents. what ever it is…. were so lucky we have this talent.” so many people wissh that they can control adrenaline at will”wow” well i guess ill end this. and wait for your reply. oh and by the way. im 15*. all i do know is that watever. we have is special and not none to the world. i will try to make this known so doctors can find out whats our special talent. and how it can help us in the future. and other with thiis gift after us. its like a gift that only some people have”mab were even the chosen ones” who knows.. well i guess thats it. reply back to me as soon as possible :). from clamann edwards.

sean morgan

omg i have this same thing im 15 im very athletic in sports or anything physical. im jamaican and im naturaly a really fast runner i havent met a person my age thats faster than me and every time i think about track my adrenaline starts pumping like crazy. im not sure if its because im scared to lose or something and that makes it start up. i new it was adrenaline because i get the same thing when im being chased or im scared. then one day i noticed that i could make the feeling come and go as i please. when i do it feels like i cant sit still and i got to move around to make the feeling kinda fade away. it starts in my head and chest then moves all through my body


Hello. I am able to do what you describe, as well. I have been conducting research on this for a while and trying to bring people together. It is fascinating that no one is doing studies on this, but perhaps it has been impossible to find enough people pre-internet communication.
Please email me. I would be interested in talking more about this. I also have a short list of links to discussions by other people who can do this.


Hi my name is Edward , Im 23 I am also able to do this “thing” that everyone is describing. I have only told to people about this because I feel like other people would think Im crazy. I have always been curious as to what this feeling is because it feels so good and it feels right. I feel That i am in a new stage in my life, and this “feeling” is a part of my new life. I discovered this “feeling about 7 years ago but i am only getting more and more curious as to what it actually is.


Hello. My name is Charles and can produce a similar effect. Ever since I was very young I have been able to create a sensation throughout my body at will. I used to tell my parents that I was able to “flip my stomach” at will. They, of course did not understand what I was talking about. I have done my own research and found that this sensation has all the characteristics of adrenaline. When I do this, I get a heavy sensation throughout my body, my eyes dilate and I am not able to sit still. I do not have to think about anything exciting or stressful, I can just do it. Multiple times a second even. If I continue to do this for a long period of time, I get very shaky and very aware of my surroundings.
Also in the past I have had stressful situations like an argument where I cannot control the adrenaline and it becomes unbearable. I start shaking all over and cant speak clearly. Recently, I have been able to handle myself much better and can control this sensation in stressful situations.
It is quite a strange phenomenon and I have read other people online can produce the same effect at will. However, I am quite curious on why there is no documentation about this ability. I guess doctors have not done any research on this. Anyways, has anyone found anything useful about this? I have not tested this by lifting anything super heavy or anything so I do not know what it might be good for. Any thoughts are welcome.

marty cowan

i have been doing this since i was a child i was lying in bed and found my self getting restless the more i done wht you describe. also i try to do it at lest once a day in fear i may have lost this instant feeling….but..i dont think its adrenaline. i have great control over where i want this feeling to go inside my body and also i can most defanitly control the intencity to levels unknown yet….i have tried to push my ability further soooo many time and i know eventualy it will have a purpose. other than making me exhusted after.


I am a 48 y/o Special Forces Medic with considerable western medical background. Here i am, again, years later, looking online to see if any other has the same mindblowing ability I have- control heart rate, initially up toward 180bpm, control blood pressure, and with visual feedback can accurately hit any target, control pupil size, piloerection, decrease GI motility, and send icy shivers throughout head and upper body. I can turn this on in .5seconds. Detractors say it is breathing, concentration, etc. Poppycock. It is instantaneous, repeatable, though exhausting. It is definitely Sympathetic CNS and not Sino Atrial Node control. It also affects perspiration gland smell.

Justin Mcgallian

I have the same, however i grew up in texas with this ability and found that my accuracy would increase my actions would speed up and if in a fight then i could overwhelm people through sheer amount of energy


I can also do this and I don’t no why. I can control it at will. Eyes will dilate I get the shivers of electricity also and I can raise my heartbeat to over 150bpm. I don’t no why or what use it has but I would like to find out why I can do this and what dose it mean that I can do it?


Hi there :), I am 18 y/o and I find that i can do the same as earlier disscussed. Ive been able do it for about a year now, but I have not been using actively. The reasond for this is, after iv done it exstensively for about +2hours, i feel conciderbly less aware and sharp as i used to, and as mentioned, quite tired and blank.
The feeling is simmilar to the one i get when im about to jump of something high(ex. 10m drop into water). It starts from my neck, and moves up through my brain,and then goes through out my body.
I find that the more i use it, the more i can conroll it, aswell as the intencity of it. But like i said, i cannot use it for long periods, otherwise i feel tired.
My heart rate increases, i begin to shiver, and my vision becomes blurry(at max level)l Iv used to try and solve a math problem that i struggled with, and it did prove succsessfull to help me solve it.
I realize this may seem weird and childish, i know some may ridicule it. But i would really like if some who can do what i can, would email me, so that we can disscuss this. I am intellenged and very gifted in math and science. I realize how rediculous this sounds. Please email me, i am very excited to learn more.


Hey everyone. Finally I have discovered others who experience the same feelings! I am 30 and have been able to turn on this intense surge of energy in my body since I was around 10 years old. It feels much like how others have described.. Focus my and feel the back of my eyes, the back of my neck and my hear surge with energy. This then travels to my brain and down through my arms and stomach and out to the rest of my body. I can sustain the energy for about 5 seconds and then it just feels too intense. I just tried to focus the energy while observing my pupils in the mirror and they dilate more with the raising feeling of energy. Has anybody had any luck finding out an more information about what this feeling is? I have mentioned it a couple of times in my life to others but nobody has a clue what I am talking about. Feel free to email me if you would like to chat about it. Use the force! Pete 🙂


Listen i just found out i can do the same thing yesterday i cant control it for a long period of time though im trying to learn how to turn it on and off as i please I
need help i can do it best when im calm


Everyone can do this. Its all a matter of wether your mind acccepted it as a physical command when you were young and developing your body. Causing the response to be activated multtiple times make your subconsious register it as a physical command. The most common is andrenaline because of how people raise their kids. That explains most of the early childhood experiences. I for one have a boatload of experiences all differing effects of andrenaline. The most common one for me is visual amplification where what im focusing on becomes ultra clear to the point of seeing textures clearly while everything else is greyed out momentarily. The other ability I have is increase in heart rate through small safe doses of andrenaline that starts getting higher on demand. The last one is my abnormal strength. I can keep up with my friends who either use steroids or do intense workouts. My favorite is mimicking peoples body movements and strength.

john dunn

look i can do it but when i do it i expirence the full wrath i feel greater stronger and faster or more agile i have researched how to cause adreniline rushes at will for about four years now and now i can do it because when i was a bit younger abut age 9 i managed to beat up 7 people at once and i wasnt aware of it now i can do whatever i want exept from impossible things but my belief is nothing is impossible


I knew I couldn’t be the only one who could do this, the thought was in the back of my mind that I could be inducing adrenaline, but my logical mind couldn’t accept that, it had to be something else, but Nay, it almost seems like it couldn’t be anything but that, I also have some times where it gets ‘toggled’ on, and I can’t turn it off for a long time, even a few hours. With this I can extend certain “other” rushes and feelings too, I can rest calm knowing I’m not alone


I can do this too and transfer the sensation through touch. I can even cause my girlfriend to wake up like she has been zapped
She described it like an electric shock.


Hey! 🙂
For about 6 months now I’ve been able to do something like what you described, completely at will. It’s easier to do if I’m sitting down and not breathing (which seems to relate to when “chris” on a previous comment said “i can do it best when im calm”). When I do it, I feel it in my head, down my neck and also in my lower torso, and while I’m doing i sometimes shiver a tiny bit. I was pretty sure I was releasing some sort of chemical, but I wasn’t sure which. I can’t really relate to all those comments about zapping or beating up people or whatever, its mostly just a feeling. Then I realized today, “I can’t be the only person who can do this; I should Google it.” I didn’t really know what to Google, so I tried different phrase combinations and eventually found this. So yeah, I haven’t found anything scientifically conclusive, but I think I am experiencing the same thing.


I can do this exact ability and have the same symptoms. When I do the ability, I stare at one spot then kind of think about it and it just happens and I feel a wave of surge or tingling sensation from my chest or diaphragm going to my head then to my arms then genitals and legs. Afterwards I feel more aware of things and feel slightly tired. I can only concentrate the feeling onto specific parts of my body. It started when I was around 8 years old and I’ve been able to do it since then naturally. Only till recently did I find about the pupils dilating and that other people could do it, while I searched the Internet for information. When I do the ability it’s almost like I imagine myself as a dragon ball z character going into super sayin form or doing a energy blast. I know this sounds crazy or just dumb but I wouldn’t take the time to post about this if I was lieing. Email me if you have the ability and want to talk about it, I want to talk to others with it! Thanks


Helo Brandon, ism having the same thing iam soon 18 but i have this ability since i was s kid, i do it at will, i do not know how i start it but i just do, the feeling starts from the back of my head, that feeling of energu and electricity that is warm and cold at the ssme time then it goes to myspinal cord and spreads to my body, and i csn focus on it to increase it which then gets very sharp and small bubble like curves come from my hands, i feel strength, speech, concentration and the weird things that i discovered is that when i do it while sm injured, i can sense the Exact place in my body, the exact damaged point but also it decreases the pain and do not feel it unless i stop this energy thingy, i would very much like to talk about it, email me on Yousifmq@yahoo.com and we will talk about it 🙂
Waiting for your reply 🙂


Hello, I am 14 years old and can do as most of you can. I hardly have to focus at all and i get a tingle in my brain, a chill down my neck, and then my abdomen grows freezing cold. Afterwords i am intently focused, respond quicker, I remember things I thought I forgot, can solve equations quicker, and grow stir crazy. Once this effect wears off, i am immediately exhausted, my mind is hazy, and depending upon the duration of this focused period, I get a headache. This started around 6 years old, however became dormant at 10 and became active again around 13. As others, I have scoured the internet for an answer to this control over my energy levels. If anyone can give me answers i deeply wish to commune with you. With correct information we may be able to tell the world about this, and be one step closer to bettering humanity.


Why hate on wanted for one and two I do that in my sleep and while this is happening I have deja vu dreams at any given time. It’s like an instant trance.

Justin Mcgallian

you do too? i find that when i’m going about my day i experience deja vu and remember my dreams, and it’s not even when i do repetitive things it’s like in once in a lifetime experiences i’ll have them


Hi everyone,
I’m Sebastian, 19 years old, from Belgium and I noticed I can do the same thing. I’m happy finally someone believes me. I really want to know more about this ‘ability’ because not much people seem to be able to do it, which is weird because I really thought it was normal for a long time. I’m feel much more focussed and my reflexes are faster when I control it, the hair on my arms even raise a little, just like I’m having cold but it’s just like I’m much more powerful. Also I wanted to add I had a terrible accident, I broke my back by falling off a wall of almost 6 meters. when this happened, I paniced and started my adrenaline control, I’m not sure, but I think it kinda saved my life. But maybe I’m going a bit too far with this. Anyways, If anyone wants to talk about it with me or knows anything more, I REALLY want to know.


I dont know what ‘wanted’ is but i can make my adrenaline pump whenever i want too i just close my eyes and feel tingly in my chast legs and stomache area i dont know what it is either but it is fun to mess around with


Hey guys i agree with all of who can do it and i could do the same ability and i feel its its wasted and want to develop it more into a bigger thing than just a trigger thingy.
Please Email me with answers.
Really Seeking them!


I am responding again hoping someone reads this and can give us all some answers, I have been doing some research and I have even been told that this energy has the power to heal? I have always known that this “thing” was something special and im still very curious as to what it is and what I can do with it. I am 23 years olsd and I have been able to do it since I was about 13. I can control it more and more now that I think about it everyday and I also just noticed that my eyes dialate when I am doing it. It is such a good feeling but I know that it is more than just that. Please reply if you got any info. THANKS


Hey I’m Kyle I’m 25 years old and I was able to do this since I was really young. I think it has a lot to do with healing and maybe even more. I’m a sevre hemophiliac I’ve tried focusing the feeling on a part of my body that is swollen and it actually numbs the pain. Hemophilia is low blood clott so you get extremely bad joint swells, bruises and it’s hard to stop bleeding but I went into see specialists for the first time since I was about 14 they retested me to see if some how I got better and was a mild hemophiliac even redid tests. I told them I take my medication only a few times a year. The rest of them are swollen once a week she said and they take the medication twice a week. I think being able to do this is helping me heal up and stay in better shape

Justin Mcgallian

I am a 15 yr old in the U.S. and I would like to say that I can do the same, but i’ve noticed that like me most of the people here are young and are heavily spiritual, this may be because the older generation doesn’t talk much online. But i have heard nothing of the older generations mentioning this, and obviously someone would have. also i have visions, precognition, and i’m wondering if this is common among people who can do this


I can do the same thing too. i have always thought of it as a completely normal thing since i was 6 years old, and so didn’t pay attention to it much. I still remember sometimes when i was bored i would sit completely still even breathing relaxed, everything relaxed to the max, and when i felt the surge of electricity through mu arms or body, id violently twitch almost all muscle in the body, or just those i felt the surge in, when i was young, that was pretty much the only time id make this feeling. And sometimes from curiosity and play with the feeling and make the adrenalin rush sorta feeling for fun or in the rare occasion, every time i wanted to set free emotions or thoughts or weird beliefs, id make this feeling happen, but not so intense but it would feel so odd.
I would usually feel both sides of my brain, heart, stomach, pelvis, legs were most noticeable.
Only 3 years ago did i learnt slowly, i asked others “Can you do this” and id explain to them what feeling it is, every one i had asked said no they cannot do it. So i started to research and the research lead me to crazily amazing things, i read about reptilian aliens, started watching a bunch of David Icke’s videos and my mind was litalery blasted, i even met a doctor that told me this adrenalin pupil dilating rush, was very rare among people.


Hey! the way ur describing it is exactly what i do! I’m not alone


I’ve been able to do this since I was a little girl. I’m actually quite amazed at how many people can do the same thing because I always thought I was the only one. Then I’m laying here in bed and I think to myself “Google it!” ..and here I am. Crazy. But honestly I’m not sure what it is not I have an idea and some experiences. Being a nurse and a spiritual person, I try to use both medical and spiritual aspects to rationalize this ability. I know thatiI can control it whenever or wherever and it lasts for about 5 seconds and as it leaves my body I let out a big shiver. Honestly, I think this is energy. Some form of controllable energy.


im able to this but I don’t get tired why is probably my adhd it is extreme so thats why im able to do it repetetivly.


It’s the way you think. You can focus you’re mind to the point where you can recreate your natural fight or flight instinct on a whim. That’s what produces the adrenaline. Trick’s really handy on the bp table.

Justin Mcgallian

I am a 15 year old in America who can do the same thing, particularly in cold, i can also control all shivers, even those for warmth. I don’t know about you but when I was younger I had a vision and discovered i was from a similar family. This sounds crazy, but I feel an urge to go to Somalia, and that finishing school is a waste. but first I must enter the military, I feel like something is waiting there and I must be prepared, but I will probably die. maybe I am alone in that aspect but I feel this is something I must do. As long as I die serving the greater good I will feel fulfilled.

TQ god

Did u ever dream your death n it involve u falling off of somthing?


The “cold chill sensation” is just that – cold chills. However, it very well could be a form of biological energy, but it would be much too weak to do anything substantial. If it is adrenaline, use caution. Overuse of adrenaline is hard on the body, particularly the heart. I have seen documentaries on chi, which is very similar to what you are all explaining. Research the man who could start fires using chi. It is a strange ability, one among several that no one is aware of.


Ive noticed not many doctors know what this is either, perhaps we should do our own research with us alike nearby, who knows the hidden potential of this ability,


Wow I’m really happy that I’m not crazy. I’m 27 and have been able to do this feeling since I was 14. Practice it daily multiple time a day. Don’t quit know the pros and cons of this and when id ask my friends and family they would look at me like I’ve been watching to much dbz. It started when I was 14 and tryed to recreate the feeling of an orgazum with out actully having one. Since then I’ve learned to make it more intenze and increase the duration between “rest times”. Still I don’t know what it is or does but I am happy to read I’m not the only one who can do this. And its not just that phycosamatic feeling of wanting to be special. So to all that can I say cont home this skill it might reveal it pupose. Cuz all science fact started as science fiction

E 18/UK

I’ve been able to do this since I was little, however I’ve never really experienced the energy coming from my brain/back of head. I mostly get the feeling of extreme energy in my legs. The rest of my body does get an adrenaline like feeling and I can occasionally focus the energy on other body parts but the strangely strong and almost uncomfortable euphoria (does that make sense?) focuses primarily in my legs. I can only hold it for around 3-10 seconds before the build up becomes too uncomfortable and I either have to stop and twitch/stretch to feel normal again, or let the energy escape by punching or kicking something. I usually feel quite drained if I use it for too long. My friends and family have no idea what I’m talking about.
Strange that there’s not much about it on the internet..


How do you trigger it? what are you thinking about when you are experiencing this adrenalin like feeling? i’m very curios to find out how it works and what it feels like for my self.
please give me sincere answers i’v been researching this for a few of weeks now and Im very interested.


I’m glad to see other people describing almost exactly what I feel. I am 24 years old and realized I can do this “ability” since I was around 14. I have never been able to do anything special with it and sometimes will forget to do it, but lately I have been very curious about it and would like to know what it is!? Has anyone has any luck? Email me at e.alvarado@hotmail


Hey everyone. Finally I have discovered others who experience the same feelings! I am 30 and have been able to turn on this intense surge of energy in my body since I was around 10 years old. It feels much like how others have described.. Focus my and feel the back of my eyes, the back of my neck and my hear surge with energy. This then travels to my brain and down through my arms and stomach and out to the rest of my body. I can sustain the energy for about 5 seconds and then it just feels too intense. I just tried to focus the energy while observing my pupils in the mirror and they dilate more with the raising feeling of energy. Has anybody had any luck finding out an more information about what this feeling is? I have mentioned it a couple of times in my life to others but nobody has a clue what I am talking about. Feel free to email me if you would like to chat about it. Use the force! Pete


Sorry for the typos…*focus my mind and feel the back of my eyes, the back of my neck and my heart surge with energy.


I´m 21 and I can trigger this “feeling” but it always occurs in my legs and arms, if i really concentrate i can move it up from my legs into my pelvis area.
I can only sustain the feeling for 5 – 10 seconds.
I´ve been able to do it since about 12, and since i have learned to trigger yawning and goose bumps aswell (not a very useful skill xP).
I´ve also noticed that i can use this “feeling” to numb pain from cuts and bumps, and even stop my stomach from hurting if i don´t eat anything all day.
I would LOVE it if someone could reply to me, i thought i was the only one 😀


Mines comes from my chest areas, I’m 21 now and It’s stronger. I can make I think come and go as I please the sensation starts in the chest and goes outward throughout arms and legs I can also channel it to one specific spot after draining it from the another or all other areas it is affecting. It’s weird and I’ve never told anyone cuz I thought they would think I’m full of it or retarded. It feels good a strong adrenaline like sensation that feels a bit tingly I’ve never tried to see if my heart rate goes up or if my pupil dilate but I will now.

Full control

My name is Dominique, and I also have the same ability, after years of research over the net over this subject, I believe what is envolved is the Sympathetic nervous system,research on that and understand more what you are actually doing when you activate that!


Its nice knowing we can do this, but at the same time doing this to be honest kills us. It puts major stress on the rest of your body. From what i read and learned from everyone on the web and along with doctors adrenaline is a amazing tool and its how we are still living today. But the more we use this trigger the more and more stress we applie to our bodies therefor killing ourselfs… adrenaline rushes also send out this chemical that kills your brain cells. If you often go for adrenaline rushes to have fun. You can count on dying from heart attack etc. The body is a unquie thing but we often push way past our limits. Our brain has a higher limit then our body is how I allways looked at it.


I am 49
I have been able to do this for a couple of years now. I can even heal minor pains
in my body just by concentrating the energy to the pain point.
When I am at the gym an on an elliptical type of machine I can harness
this energy to make fatigue disappear from the body part I send the energy to.
I can also use it to create oxygen in my lungs when I feel like my breathing is
getting heavy. I often have extreme explosions of energy and can make the machine shake.
I can sometimes almost feel like I can make my body lighter.
People in the gym must think I am crazy.
I also acquired some physic abilities but only at random times. I can not control this one


Not sure why you removed my post
I am 49
I have been able to do this for a couple of years now. I can even heal minor pains
in my body just by concentrating the energy to the pain point.
When I am at the gym an on an elliptical type of machine I can harness
this energy to make fatigue disappear from the body part I send the energy to.
I can also use it to create oxygen in my lungs when I feel like my breathing is
getting heavy. I often have extreme explosions of energy and can make the machine shake.
I can sometimes almost feel like I can make my body lighter.
People in the gym must think I am crazy.
I also acquired some physic abilities but only at random times. I can not control this one


I am glad to read all these posts. I also have the capability to raise my adrenaline on command.
For me, I activate it by quick concentration which leads to a slight contraction of my chest area and a little on the diaphragm. My onset of adrenaline seems to be extreme though as within seconds, my heart beats really fast and my muscles start to twitch. I have not done it longer than 5 seconds for fear that it will do something to my heart. I am 30 years old and I found out I could do this probably about 3 years ago. After I do this, I feel tired and short-breathed for a minute or so. It does wake me up instantly though but I’ve never asked a medical professional about it. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

A guy

Hi Harry I’m 14, I’ve noticed that the exact same things happen to me. if I do it longer my body starts to shake then the feeling goes away, maybe I become tolerant to it?
I think that this mostly a male ability
Also it may not be adrenaline but testosterone production
When I was little I had to force my self to relax during night terrors which may have in turn gave me this ability


I can do it to has any one asked a DC about it iv been able to do it sins I was 16 I can do it for all most 5 miners but when I do it that long it makes me feel like a animal and my snsis go crazy

Adrenaline On Demand!

Yes you can. In fact you just need to do something ridiculously insane or bad!


Hey! I can do this too and would really like to know what or why it is. To me it’s on the left side of my brain, the middle of that side. It’s like a trigger, at first I thought it was an ability to make my heart beat once for every time I triggered/”tapped” that part of my brain, because the heartbeat checker made an extra bleep everytime I triggered the spot in my brain. But some years ago I searched for this and in tha internet huddle found ONE person that posted a question about exactly what I experienced, and someone else admitted this too, and I was like “Whaaat, seriously, so others do get this”
I’ve started to think the heartbeat happens due to triggering a shot of adrenaline, however. Because yeah, it’s like if you try to move your ears, you just do a specific thing in your head, a specific feeling. It also makes the pupils grow and makes my fingers tingly in a gentle way.
I hope they research it one day, maybe not in our time, though.


I think it comes from my head and my abdominal, which would explain why people believe in chi


It would also explain how berserkers fought


I totally have this too and I’m a female all my life I just never said anything, but now i want to. I feel like no one will believe me, or think that I’m crazy! But I’m not. If you find anything out please post!!


I can do this sometimes actually, I’ve been trying to work on it so I can release it faster at will. I have to concentrait but if I do it right I can get an adrenaline rush. It just makes me feel more excited, nervous and gets me stronger. I’ve been trying to practice so I can start increasing my strength by will


Agreed with everything here. I find this easy to do. Makes my heart skip a beat then it goes crazy. Just the same as a flight or fight adrenaline rush. When laying down it can be very relaxing if done over and over. Great way to relax and get into a trance/hypnosis state
I can do this sitting or standing at will. Laying down is more intense though.


I think I might have the same thing, I can usually just think about something intense or something that gets me scared or mad, and then my pupils will like grow. I also have kind of an anger problem which I’ve learned to control, but one time my friend was beating me really bad at basketball and I got extremely mad at myself and started punching the metal pole that held up the hoop, repeatedly and I could barely feel it, and then later my knuckles were all swollen and I felt the pain afterwards.

Kaylee cavanaugh

I can do the same thing! I have researched the crap out of this and everyone said “to test if you are actually producing adrenaline look into the mirror and see if your pupils dialte” so I tried it and it worked! I even took a few videos and you can see my pupils enlarge on demand. This is defiantly the secretion of adrenaline on demand. I have no idea how some people can do it, while others can’t. But I wish I had answers as well.


You described it perfectly, its exact same thing that happens to me, I’ve been able to do it since i was a kid, only about two years ago did i find out the cause, wish i can get tested to see the exact effects it has on my body, both positive and negative.


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