Sunday, September 26, 2021

I can astral project, but can't see or hear?

When I astral project, I can’t see or hear. Should I try closer to home? Or something else?


  1. Ah, that’s because you’re not astral projecting. You’re just unconsciousness. Try not wasting your time on impossible Newage bullsh*t.

  2. interesting,
    can you do it on command? i see things in trances and meditation and i see things with my eyes wide open but i too dont hear things.
    when i was young i thought visioins came first and then sounds.

  3. Hmm thats odd. I think those skills might come with alittle more practice, if you want try and project to some place closer to your body if that is more comfortable. Maybe you weren’t completely relaxed or in a deep enough trance yet. Im not really sure….

  4. Your not astral projecting, your just reaching a different state of consciousness. Are you trying to astral project or trying for an OBE “out of body experience?”.

  5. If this keeps up i would ask my self “What possible good and gain could be coming from this?” Then i would see something that actually gave me TRUE SIGHT AND HEARING!

  6. Stop what you are doing immediately because little do you understand what danger your putting yourself in by astral projection. I speak from experience on this subject and can tell you that when you remove yourself from your temporal body all kinds of demonic spirits are waiting to enter that vacant domain. Even if a demonic spirit doesn’t inhabit your being the part of you that projects sometimes does not settle back into its proper matrix thus causing illness and even death.
    In Jesus’ Love
    Robert < Remember what you allow yourself to think, see, hear, say and do literally sets into motion God’s creative powers that form the matrix of life’s reality you find yourself now walking. TGM Moderator

  7. Something else.
    Astral projection is not something to play with. Really, when curiosity motivates, ignorance rules. The various sciences and religions are mans efforts to enthrone another ruler.
    Astral projection is the opening of a window. Experiencing what’s on the other side of that window, be it good, bad or apathetic…the experience is empathetic…the fact of experience invites adjusted thinking. Senses are adjusted and meaning is re-defined.
    Unless you are capable and inviting…don’t mess with the “astral” part. Consider the life you live the “projection” part.
    Should you consider yourself ‘capable and inviting’ and desirous of the experiencing of “astral projection” as a personally known fact…I have this advise: Perfect a question.

  8. That is quite odd indeed. I’m not so sure you’re actually projecting. I can’t really say though as I’m not you & I didn’t experience what you did. Perhaps you may have experienced an alteration of consciousness where you felt somewhat unattached to your physical self but were not actually projecting. How do you know you were actually projecting without the sense of sight & sound? Did you feel an alteration in conscious awareness & maybe felt like you were rising or moving around or something?
    Sometimes vision can be somewhat distorted during projection, but I’ve honestly never heard of anyone lose sight & sound altogether during projection. Usually the senses are improved while in the astral body. That’s just natural as the astral body is at a higher vibrational frequency than the physical. So something very unnatural is happening in your case. What exactly I’m not sure.
    Well a way to fix the problem is the next time you project & cannot see or hear anything say in your mind ‘clarity now’. Or tell yourself you’re becoming more lucid & aware of your surroundings. Thoughts/feelings manifest instantaneously in the astral realm. So tell yourself you can sense your surroundings & your senses are improving & the ‘reception’ is becoming clearer. You may also try to project to a place close by that you know well. Visualize it in detail & will yourself there. Affirmations while in deep meditation will also help to sharpen your astral senses.
    I would be surprised if the problem persists. It shouldn’t. The above should take care of the problem. If not drop me a line anytime & I’ll see if I can help in anyway.

  9. For people that say it is dangerous; have u actually experienced it? Or is it just a belief created by fear? Please answer.
    I used to astral project as a kid without my will. Just happened.
    Today I thought I saw a strange creature in the ceiling. I was afraid and told myself it was just an imagination and I willed myself to go back to my body. I fought hard to break away from sleep paralysis. I guess it was a dream but then again it felt so real. I read it somewhere : if u believe in demons u attract them..stuff like that…I m confused.

    • I did not believe in astral projection until today I started to listen to those astral projection meditation videos on YouTube almost worked with a couple because my body became numb but never could project but a few times I got some quick images of other places and that’s it until tonight I rocked up until my feet hit the floor numb the whole time until I actually felt my feet hit the floor then I used my hand to guide my self around the bed because for some reason I could not see but when I felt my real human feet that were actually warm to the touch it was awesome. I lucid dream a couple times when I was a kid an adult but could always get out of sleep paralysis as a adult


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