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I broke my rose quartz crystal.?

I had my rose quartz (miniature 4cm crystal wand) sitting on my lap when I stood up, the crystal flew out of my lap, and crashed into the side of my bedside frame – it broke into two pieces. It wasn’t a shatter, but a clean break between the joins of the crystal, the surface of the break was smooth. Before it broke, I was always contemplating the joins when I was looking through it, rubbing its seams, thinking that one day it might come apart, since the joins looked like they were two separate pieces connected together, so it seems now that my prophecy has become true. It is so weird. This is the second time, and a success that it had try to break apart, the first time, I had it in my pillow and it slipped out of the pillow in the middle of the night and fell out, hit the bedside frame with a loud bang before rolling to the floor, which woke me up. It is like it has a mind of its own, and wanted to break apart from the first day I got it.
Is the crystal still good to use? I’ve only had it for about 4 days, so it’s a new crystal to me, and my first rose quartz.


  1. I usually have an answer but you stumped me.
    If the crystal is broken in half. I would guess you have two crystals of equal value. It is was attached to a wand, I would super glue it back together. I’m not sure if the energy changes. The Rose quartz is for Love energy. If it can’t be fixed, then get a new one. The wands are to Direct Love energy. If used properly the energy is coming from God thought thru you ans then directed thru the wand. I can’t imagine the healing would change if you glued it back together but you will know if a person feel different or not. That should tell you if it is working.
    Rev. TomCat – Just guessing on this one!

  2. May I suggest you buy a tube of crazy glue, perform a blessing ritual over it, and apply it to the pieces of crystal. But first, you might want to pad your bedframe somehow.


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