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I bought some Rose Quartz. How can I use it?

I bought some pretty unpolished rose quartz that I am currently leaving in salty water overnight. Unfortunately, I am unable to leave it in the moonlight, but Im told that this isnt the end of the world.

Id like to use it to heal a kind of unpleasant situation that has occurred between a very good friend and I. It wasnt so much a fight as an expression of feelings and some difficult issues that may have to be faced..

I would like to use the rose quartz to give and get some positive, peaceful, loving energy for us both and restore our relationship to how it has always been.

Can anyone recommend some kind of meditation where I can use my pretty new rose quartz to do this?

Please, no smartalec, skeptical answers. Good energy, please : )
Hi- so far youve all given good suggestions.

ToriMia- so that you have a bit of background, Ive expressed that I like my friend in “that other way”, and I feel like I was out of line for doing it when I did. He has some issues that he needs to sort through and I should be patient and be a good friend to him before jumping into such things.
My intention is in not to manipulate him in any way- I dont believe in that kind of thing. I just want to send him good vibes and energy and all the love I have for him as a friend.

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ToriMia the Witch
ToriMia the Witch

You might not be able to get things back to “how it has always been”. Sometimes things happen in relationships that need to in order for them to grow and move on to a next level. You say so yourself that there are some issues that need to be faced. What you could do with the quartz is use it to make sure that any issues that are confronted are done with an open-heart and understanding. That by facing these issues, that you foster a deeper love and respect for each other. That the feelings you are expressing are from… Read more »

Crystal K
Crystal K

Rose quartz is indeed renown for healing of heart chakra.
There is a lot information about it on the web, also there is a very good book by Suzie Holbeche “Healing Power of Gems and Crystals” worth reading.

adorkable vixen
adorkable vixen

i think you could do alot of things, but here is what comes to mind. first, find pink things for an altar – candle, bowl with water, cloth, flowers – whatever feels right. put the quartz in the center of the altar and ground and protect yourself and your space. then spend time writing, talking, crying, or whatever you feel to express how you feel. hold your quartz in your right hand and charge it with love and light and healing. carry it with you. another idea: get a bay leaf, a piece of paper, a container, and a marker.… Read more »


I don’t know, but I am interested in the answers also.