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I believed that there is God(higher power) but what if…….?

by hey…:

the god we all thought was the right god is not really the God we all thought it would be..?And
what if every so called Holy Book in the world are nothing but a mind controlled system..?
i mean, look at some group of people that called no other god but calling on higher power,they can heal people and do a lot and also do super-natural stuffs,without calling on satan or any god.they only use the ability they have within themselves-the great energy of human powers….. it works for them as they all have faith in the power of energy.
I just think that faith is the main booster there,for without it, it’s impossible to power up the energy within ourselves. and like how any church organization or just any higher power believers believed in- if 2 or more come in agreements, they can move mountains or even walk through fire without harm.
more believers means faster to see things comes to pass-it makes an impact on their prayer.some individual possess a lot of energy so they can bring a lot of impact on their personal prayers request b/c they got a lot of faith within themselves. those are the positive individuals…. they are the fortunate ones, they can move mountains without anyone to help them through with faith. they believed in themselves and have a positive mind….. :)))
please share me your thoughts on these thoughts of mine… I am not here to flip over any faith but just stating my opinion on the higher powers of heaven and earth…… :))) peace…..

Answer by Gypsy
Your question was a little hard to understand, but I think I know what you’re trying to say. There’s a billion Pagans out there who pretty much believe the same thing. You’re not alone.


  1. I think humans have a soul, a center of morality, consciousness, empathy, etc. but that soul is completely mortal and one with the brain.
    I don’t believe in any energy in the body that is not produced by chemical reactions
    I don’t think religion intentionally manipulate people, that just happens to be the consequence of living in a world with many opportunistic people
    I think there very well may be a “higher power” in the form of an alien race with far more advanced science, art, literature, brains, culture, etc.
    I also believe in the Higgs Boson type god — one that is natural, but intrinsically beautiful none the less.

  2. Yes, there are some people of religion that can move mountains. But it is not the core of religion. The most important part of every good religion is love and compassion.
    For example, such powerful people should share their experience with others. In such way the others could learn more quickly than their masters. But many teachers want their pupils to suffer as they did.
    I would be happy if you learn my wisdom for half a time I had to learn it. I would also be happy that you will have less problems that I had.

  3. I used to wonder the same thing until I realized that God kept his book in use for us to read, despite severe persecution, because he wants to warn us of the final war that he will wage. Daniel 2:44 shows this war will encompass all nations and Zephaniah, Revelation 18: 4, Revelation 7:14 shows what we have to do to be safe. It is worth reading and studying in depth even if it’s just to be sure. I suggests to study with people who do believe Armageddon is an actual war. Jehovah’s Witnesses study for free with people and have an abundance of information at their fingertips.

  4. Everything is energy in the Universe, (E=MC2) Simply put God is energy. People also equate this with spirit. Ever heard someone say God is spirit? (The vital force within all living things) =)
    So God is not in the sky, or in a book, God is everywhere and in you as well!
    It is mind blowing to some people. As we are physical beings and expect something to look like us. That is why many human beings choose to worship physical beings as God.
    But in truth, Buddha, Jesus, Zeus, etc all answered to the same source these people dismissed. Buddha called it the divine, Jesus called it “heavenly father and divine mother” representing the masculine and feminine qualities of the Universe.
    The highest form of energy is love, so if you bring forth the Love that is within you, you have come to know Love itself. Humans can create many things upon this Earth due to freewill. Ultimate Love, would not be true, if human beings were forced to do something.
    In cambodia, they try to force some of the people to act good, in turn many blood is shed.
    The good will continue to do good, and the wicked will continue to do wicked. All in all, whatever you do it has an effect, that’s for sure.

  5. When you get people to believe in things like the parting of the ocean, raising the dead and, faith healing, you have a group of dummies. If I can tell fantastic stories to people, and they believe them, I’ve got a group that I can control whatever they do. We are lied to continuously by the government and the government controls TV, radio, newspapers everything we hear is filtered. Believe in yourself. Everybody else has their own agenda. If you’ve heard the phrase, if you want to get anything done you’ve got to do it yourself. Believe it wholeheartedly.

  6. Excuse me please…in advance when I say this is a carnal, old man question. What else
    can it be when so far you haven’t been called to know differently. You can’t ‘see’ or ‘hear’
    or ‘taste and see that He is good’ because for you, it’s all about ‘what’s in it for me’.
    And you would think that about Christians. Know though that amongst all the hype
    against Christians and the examples there are that some are really born again, and
    want to be saved because they have seen, heard, believed the message, are born
    again from above so it’s spirit reading Spirit, and ‘spiritual things can only be
    discerned by the spirit’. It’s as if a door is closed to you. Now maybe that’s
    exactly the way you want this, or the way things are. Maybe you’re now
    wanting from your soul to connect to the Living God. Only you know these
    things. I suspect, but cannot say for sure, that you do not. And if you do not,
    then you can know you are doing what’s right for you. As I am also.

  7. Dear Child,
    I thank the Lord for putting some passion in you to probe into the accuracy of Bible. The fact that:
    1) Bible is the only book which has stood all sort of scrutiny, probes, critics, and tests from many skeptics, scholars, and Scientists alike, But still no one has managed to discredit bible.
    2) Bible was written in many different time periods by many different people and yet all agree with each other, does say that the Bible is not an ordinary history book.
    3) Bible has many accuracy references to other sources of non Christianity, like Historical records, other religious books, and even the enemies of Christianity.
    I could not explain so much in this rubic, but I could introduce you to a book, so clear, simple and will leave you no doubt about How reliable historical events is the Bible. Also will answer some questions like: Are there any evidences for Jesus which exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual historical event? He shares how his search brought him to this conclusion: Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God, Bible is truly accurate accounts of historical events, etc
    Lee Strobel was once a critics and skeptics of Bible and its accuracy, his main intention in the beginning was to discredit bilbe, and thus he went into the dept investigation. In the end, he was not only convinced that bible is true and accurate, but he also is now a renounced believer and scholar for Christ, and touches millions of souls with his new faith in Christ.


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