I believe in heaven, hell, and reincarnation. What religion is that?

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I believe on God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Eternal suffering, Reincarnation and all that stuff in the category. What religion is that? Is it still Christianity or is it something else?

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Jim Jones II

sounds more like in line of gnostic christianity, have a look at some of the gnostic gospels which have a interesting twist on the christian story

I h8 religion



“The problem with religion, because it’s been sheltered from criticism, is that it allows people to believe en mass what only idiots or lunatics could believe in isolation.”
– Sam Harris

Servant of Allah

That isn’t a religion.


It is not christian…..we either believe God is telling us the truth or he is a liar.
If it’s not of God…..then it is of Satan


The Gospel According to Bill and Hillary Clinton


Confused! You not me – I know that my Redeemer Lives


it would be christianity if there was no reincarnation.


Everything BUT “reincarnation” is in the Christian faith. I would know cause i’m Christian


Christianity. Jesus wasn’t joking when he said, “This generation surely won’t pass away until I come in glory.” He wasn’t joking when he said that John the Baptist was Elias that they had been waiting for either.


Holy shitfuck. Kid, you sound like a mix between a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, and a late-era Trinitarian Wiccan. Jesus God. Um, for now I think you could call yourself “undecided Christian?” Or, you know, Deist.


Catholic. understand this people can say what they want because today we live in a corrupted society. only real christians believe there is a heaven,hell reincarnation other that claim they are christians and don’t act like it. those are the ones who talk bad about the catholic churches. What is so sad is, You call yourselves christians and you don’t act like it.

Star T

All of them except the true one.

The Not-So-Loved Apostle Paul

Reincarnation is a Hindu thing. Other than that one thing, it sounds like you are pretty much like everyone else that claims to be a Christian.


You are a new age denomination christian.good to see your faith and belief are well in check.tell your priest that hes doing a fine job.
hears a blessing, and a our father prayed just for you.Practice the holy rosary,practice makes perfect.We love you all,the holy family.

Lisa Moyse

Pretty sure eternal suffering/heaven/hell and reincarnation are mutually exclusive…expand on the reincarnation idea? What exactly about reincarnation do you believe?
Other than that, yep, sounds like Christianity.


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