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i beleive in reincarnation but how come when they do past life regression it is always something dramatic?

not always but alot, ie being killed or a killer or a desperately sad or rich life. i know in the past ,life was tougher for some and richer for others but you dont here of anything mundane, i could imagine in my next life if i do past life regression it would sound really boring because nothing dramitic goes on in this lifetime for me, i work, go home, quite bored and fed up most of the time. thanx 🙂


  1. If I’d been a serf a thousand times and alexander the great once, guess which one would stick out in my memory?
    Just a thought I’m undecided on reincarnation and even if its true I’m not sure rememberance of teh old lives would be possible

  2. Because reincarnation is a lie of the devil, and believing in it means you are not saved, and will be in for a huge surpirse when you die and you end in HELL!

  3. Because past life regressions is something that is done by charlatans with some knowledge of hypnotism. Don’t let somebody into your mind like that.
    Religions who feature reincarnation don’t adhere to this kind of “new age” stuff. The Buddha, for example, was clear about the idea that one should not delve into these things, because they had little to do with one’s present state.
    West meets East. East is mystical. West is obsessed with control and “bringing things to light”. Not always a good mix.

  4. as you can imagine, you have had many past lives. the past lives that they can read are ones that made a dramatic impression on your soul. if you lived a normal, average life, then there is nothing imprinted, nothing to read, no basis to go by. BTW, ever wonder if birthmarks are the physical impression of something that happened in a past life(lives)?

  5. Because those who do past life regression are frauds and they
    make up dramatic things because it’s more interesting to people
    than telling them they lived a boring life and died an ordinary death.
    A better rule of thumb is that if you want to know your past, look at
    your present and if you want to know your future, look at your present 🙂

  6. I would theorize that why the events they’d remember are always dramatic would be because those are the events that are most etched into the psyche. Think about the dates of major events. People always remember those days very clearly.
    I’m sure you can remember where you were on 9/11/2001, but can you tell me what you did on 7/11/2001? You probably cannot. It’s because something major happened on 9/11/2001, and it firmly planted itself in your mind.
    So I would think those major events would be the easiest to recall, assuming reincarnation exists and the experiences the person has during past life regressions are actually memories of a past life.
    I personally do not believe in reincarnation, but I’ve always been fascinated by the idea.

  7. Reincarnation is a great idea and it would explain a lot but it would also mean a god was necessary and that means even more stuff without answers.
    Naahhh . . . ‘god’ is imaginary.

  8. Great question. Usually the regressionist uses an open ended key phrase such as ‘go back to a time that was significant for you’ something simple like that, and the person’s soul will do the rest. Usually something that person is currently struggling with dates back to a past life, so in order to dissolve the karma it is that soul’s duty to confront it and rid it’s fear of it. It’s simple when you think about it, but we put ourselves thru such torment trying to run away from things and bury them deeper with reflexive/reactive behavior.
    When someone’s under they can experience it in a dramatic way because there’s different levels of trance and most techniques engage the self closer to the conscious level, and on that level the emotional mind is still very much involved, so someone may experience the event happening almost as if they were there, so they can become overwhelmed by fear if it’s something traumatic. There is a deeper level of trance where you can talk directly to the soul of the individual.. it’s really mind blowing, because in that state the person responds and answers questions as if they’re talking about themselves in third-person, as if they don’t identify with their ‘human identity’ – this is direct proof of the stipulation that your ‘personality’ is a product of identifying with the outside world since you were born, programming so to speak. They call it the ‘ego’ mind, and truly, this is not WHO we are, so it would only make sense the soul does not identify as such, that is a function of the body+mind+spirit living in the physical world. But when they talk directly to the soul in regressions it’s crzy cuz the soul always knows what’s going on even if the conscious mind has no idea. You are even now absorbing information on multiple levels below your conscious mind. You’re always learning even when you least expect. You should read some Dolores Cannon books, she’s been a regressionist for like 30 some-odd years, and stumbled upon a technique she uses to talk directly to the soul. She’s met all kinds of souls in her work that were intentionally brought to her for the purpose of getting these books and that information out there, so it’s a great resource and hugely informative. I guarantee you’ll be hooked once you start reading, it’s an easy read, mostly question and answer recorded from her sessions with patients she had tape recorded. Good luck! Peace!

  9. Because its wish fulfillment. “I imagine that in a past life, I was a queen” and *poof* In a ‘past life’ as drawn out by the charlatan who is ‘guiding you back’ what DO you know… you were some form of royalty.

  10. This is exactly what I hate about Past Life regression crap.
    Just once, I want to hear about someone who was just a local farmer, made hay, married a milkmaid, died in bed at 89- heard king Richard passed through town 40 miles away once. The End.
    Such a thing has to exist for real, but a lot of it has to be a deception.
    On no account do I believe that one soul is wholly transplanted into a newborn’s body (how then can the populations increase?) but that parts or prints of people’s memories are grafted into people in a bid to control us.


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