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I awakened almost 3 years ago. I have been feeling my late mother all around me. What does this mean?

She passed away in 1998 from ovarian cancer. After a horrific divorce, I transcended into a new dimension of a spiritual awakening. The feeling I continually am overwhelmed by is my own physical death nearing. Is my mother nurturing me in some way for my possible end?


  1. i have to agree, you clearly have not gotten over the incident and need to seek professional help. perhaps the loss has sparked a fear of your own mortality, or a massive love loss leaving you hollow, it could be any number of reasons. please, honestly, seek help.
    “The feeling I continually am overwhelmed by is my own physical death nearing”
    in my unprofessional opinion, you are suffering from the surfacing of a strongly repressed depression, and may have or develop suicidal tendencies. you need to speak to someone that knows how to handle those in your situation.

  2. I have to agree with the first post. And I work in a psych ward at a hospital. I deal with schizophrenics daily. You also might have some mild dementia, but that is unlikely.
    Think of it this way. If you go to a hospital and they give you pills and the thoughts fade, you know it was in your head and you got help like you should have. If they don’t fade, then you’ve helped to confirm your thoughts and you should start preparing for your passing.

  3. The key to what you’ve mentioned here is the “new dimension of spiritual awakening” (you might want to check out my profile…my life changed dramatically as a result of my own awakening a little over 6 years ago). If you’re sensing it is your mother then likely it is. It sometimes takes a bit of time (our linear time) for them to find a way to communicate with us in the physical realm. This is one reason why mediums and psychics are sometimes unable to contact a recently departed family member for a client.
    If you sense her now, there is likely a good reason. I can’t do a reading for you, regarding this, without permission but it’s an excellent possibility that your intution is correct about her being there to nurture you. Sensing a presence around you is known as clairsentience…it’s actually the ability to sense energy and, in your case, you feel strongly that it’s your mother. Don’t allow anybody to tell you differently…they are not you nor have they had the same experiences as you.
    Take some quiet time and meditate and ask that she reveal her purpose for making her presence felt by you. You are already very aware that this is happening for a specific reason and it may or not be what you think. Go easy on yourself, consider that there might be some other reason and keep up the communication with the Divine. You must know that it was a direct result of your efforts in growing spiritually that has triggered this.
    Not a time for sadness, my friend…you work isn’t complete yet. But know that she is around and watching over you and has got an enormous hug that she’s been storing up… just for you.
    Peace and Light

  4. Don’t worry about dying!It’s normal to miss your mother.
    Who knows maybe she’s nudging you to start living,
    kind of like that maternal reverse psychology….. .
    She just might want you to end your thinking about your physical death
    Go do something fun!

  5. This is absoluelty normal and has nothing to do with a head shrinker
    Spiritual contacts are some times time taking and somes like a jolt
    Two things you should take care
    One , dont be afraid it is for the good never for bad luck, unless you troubled her or been a cause to her death
    second, learn some meditation
    or,if lucky you can experience some great things with the help of your mother.
    Best of Luck


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