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I asked the Tarot if I should turn in a study I did to my boss's boss showing blatant pay discrimination.?

I received the Judgement card in the upright position surrounded by the expected hateful cards that represent office politics where I work. So-should I take my complaint to his boss again? With my back up statistics? What is the Judgement card upright telling me? Will the big boss will be more receptive this time because I have hard data? Or an I delisional?


  1. Well, you should definitely take it up with who ever the head boss is. But just before you do that, make your resumé again and apply for another job. As many and all jobs you can apply for. It is safest to have a backup plan and god forbid they fired you for speaking up, you had another, and much better job to go to.
    But most definitley take this serious matter up with the boss’ boss. If you have hard evidence proving what youre saying, he cant silence you. But before you go in there, make a copy of your data and back it up just in case he takes and tries to hide the truth. Then you will be at liberty to sue the company for discriminating against you because of gender, and not only is that wrong, BUT AGAINST THE LAW. You are the worker and have a say in what happens with your hard earned money.
    Good luck and my heart goes out to you because actually have the courage to stand up to those A-HOLES.
    Best of wishes.

  2. The judgment card, in the upright position means things will go your way, as far as seeking your goal of enlightening the boss’s boss.
    Will you have a job when you are done?
    That’s another question.

  3. Personally I’d also check in the phone book for a group called Legal Aid. They are a group of lawyers who do pro bono work (free) for things like this. Having them in your corner is a very good thing.

  4. Hello Annette
    What was the layout & what were the other cards?
    You can place your hand shuffled layouts in the forum below for us to comment on!


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