I asked the tarot cards if I was going to have a relationship with a certain someone and all the cards pointed?

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to yes, one of them was even a love card, BUT the outcome, the last card said with logic, perserverance, and self examination negative behavior patterns can be overcome and beware of prejudice, fear and deceit, i may have to use all my reserves to win. Please help me decifer this and does it necessarily mean with him or does it mean we are going to be together but beware of prejudice fear and deceit in the future and if i use my reserves i will win? or i might win?

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Dharma- nator

It means as much as a prediction from a magic 8-ball.


I think it is telling you to make sure you are honest with yourself, or you will have a lot to overcome.
Just a guess, I would need to see the whole spread.

Phoenix - pagan 1/2 of JPA

If you were reading for yourself, it very likely means that you put the “yes” in there because that is what you *want*.
Self-examination might well lead you to the conclusion that you were not able to give yourself an unbiased reading on this topic.


You never win by trusting inanimate cards to make your decisions for you. If you are trusting the cards are controlled by spirits and give them control over your life, then know that those spirits will not guide you to love but to spiritual death.


Think of tarot readings as giving you advice or guidance rather than telling you exactly how things will play out.

Sadhara Satguru

Hello Krissy
Very hard to interpret darling as you have not placed the cards nor the layout!


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