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I asked if I would have a baby soon and got the tarot tower card. What does this mean?


I did a one card tarot reading and got teh tower card. I am confused, and a bit scared. Do you know any more and could you please tell me?


  1. Hey All u got the compromise first second I got ripeness followed by letting go … for the same question am I pregnant it’s so hard sometime for me to really get a answer I’m good at reading most cards but osho is harder for me… anyone who can give me a idea of there thoughts would be lovely thanks in advance

  2. to the person who said such thing about the tower meaning some sord of infertility, if you read the tarot you should know that such words should NEVER be said. Secondly, the tower does not mean anything like that on the contrary it is a shock,chaos,unexpected, ect……….
    indeed the card can mean a yes you already are or now is not the right moment, or it could even talk about something completely different that might pop up suddenly good or bad. Please keep such comments to yourself if your words have no knowledge, if you study the unknown then you should know the laws very well; before opening your mouth to empty words.
    Tower: upright, yes or no question is a YES!

  3. The tower card is all about something that is built upon lies or falsehoods that are about to be suddenly revealed. Yes the Tower is often perceived as a bad card, but it really does depend upon the context in which you are using it and also its position in a spread. Without knowing the full spread it is difficult to advise as the position of the card really is crucial. My advice is forget all about it, as its not worth bothering about and the good thing about this card is that no matter what may or may not happen or is supposed to happen – the end result with this card particularly, is that it will happen for the best and you will only realize this once it has happened. Seriously, just forget it nothing and no-one can really predict the future. Hope this helps.

  4. Use at least 3 cards for a question. See what happens then. If you are not familiar with the cards, you shouldn’t be doing this yourself.
    If your answer is negative, then use the Law of Attraction to change the outcome.
    Go to http://www.abraham.hicks.com for more information on the Law of Attraction.

  5. The Tower appearing for a question like this can mean a lot of things. If you are already pregnant, the child would likely arrive earlier than expected and complications are possible. Please see your physician/OBGYN.
    If you are able to conceive and are wanting to have a child, then it is likely an indication that you are not quite ready for the responsibility of being a parent to this child and that the pregnancy will occur unexpectedly. If this would be your first child, she or he will definitely change your life completely.
    The Tower can also be an indication of someone who cannot have children for some reason. Seeing your physician/OBGYN to discuss pregnancy matters is always the right choice.
    Joy to you,
    Maralee Fox-Heins

  6. The tower is messed up communication. It is yelling instead of talking. It is blaming instead of reasoning to an answer. It is an exression of anger when one could have easily used the energy for peace.
    What I see is that you and your significant other are not both on the same page. There is an unresolved issue. Are you accidentally, and totally not on purpose, making him feel quilty because you haven’t conceived. One misplaced word can bring down his tower.
    Lighten up on him. Love each other. Forget about the baby and think about your significant other. Be together and be in love. Then the baby will take the invitation and surprise you both.

  7. It means that even as you plan on having a baby there needs to be fortifications made, becasue disruptions in life are best prepared for. Would you go camping without a tent? Have a baby without savings or a place to live that is safe? The card is a strong reminder to be preparing yourself for a baby.

  8. Well in Tarot the Tower meanings great upsetting change.
    But Tarot isn’t the most accurate method of telling whether you’ll become pregnant or not ;D

  9. It’s a card, not a gynacologist. It has no idea whether you are your partner are fertile. The huge, infinite, varied universe is not set up so cardboard with a specific pattern on can determine either the future or the health of two individual peoples’ reproductive systems. Try having more sex with your partner instead, your chances of having a baby will improve.

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