I ask this of christians. Do you think the study of eastern meditation philosophy is a mistake for a christian?

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I am seeking a way to quiet the mind because I have racing thoughts. This subject is dominated by the Buddhist meditation techniques. The book I checked out makes no attempt to change your religion but, it is a very different philosophy. I have been warned by other christians to stay away from it. Does anybody have any other suggestions at how to quiet the mind?

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Try medication.

phil Q

A therapist.


I am the truth the way and the life… who said that…


no it could be done with comparative relig which covers even more…just one would grow boring


In fact, meditation can help you get closer to God.
Those Christians truly don’t know what Buddhism is about when they say that.


Yes I do. It is just a wedge for all the other false things to creep in. It’s an invitation to things you dont need in your life.


“Be still and know that I am God”. Concentrate on Jesus and who He is. Meditating on scripture and God is not a bad thing, when you mixed that with eastern practices you can be deterred very easily from the truth. Jesus is the one that quiets the mind, through prayer,


Yes, it is a mistake. The “eastern practices of meditiation” and other things, are based in unbiblical practices. Some “eastern” practices expose you to attack by demons.


the bible now commands that you be put to death, seriously, unless you kill whoever suggested the book or the author.


When one attempts to “open their mind”, one might find it open to both good …. and bad.
I don’t mean “open” in terms of hearing other viewpoints. I mean at the subconscious level.
I find when my mind is racing, that I can focus on God and His peace. No need for any mediation per se’.
“Be still and know that I am God”.

▓~ST£V£-Ø~▓ the Sexy Beast =)

It’s fine. Bahai -another Abrahamic religion- has suggested that Buddha was a prophet of God. This is possible. Enlightened One(Buddha) could’ve been the Annointed One(Jesus). Even if they weren’t the same people it doesn’t matter. Buddhism is a lifestyle and doesn’t worship anyone. Eastern philosophical religions are very wise and it would be a good thing to learn of them. None of them imply worship of any God however I think they’re might be something about the Universe being powerful. Go learn from them. It isn’t converting if you still believe in the Living God.


No, maybe you’ll find out that Buddhism is a far better philosophy than what Christianity puts forth, so go for it. Learn about the other positions, then come back and choose which is better for you.
Of course other Christians warn you not to, any opposing opinions are looked down upon and censored to keep the faith strong.


I grew up in a Christian home and I’m still a Christian. However, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with studying another philosophy. I don’t believe that you should “stay away” from other religions or philosophies because they “threaten” your faith. You believe what you believe and that, itself, can change. When I started doing yoga, other Christians were freaking out but, in truth, they didn’t know anything about it. When you are seeking God in earnest, he will let you know what’s up. I’ve done meditation techniques and turned them into prayers. All it is really, is quieting your mind and learning how to do that. Don’t let others scare you because they aren’t fully informed.

sylvia c

ask the Lord to quiet your spirit as you have a restless spirit. and listen to the Word of God who tells us. “Be still and know that I am God.” your mind could be cunning, so that why it races


why would you run away from any method that might bring you closer to your own God?
Meditation is not a religion, it is a practice. Your own scripture suggests it.
“Christians” who tell you to avoid it have NO clue, and are merely afraid of their own shadow (see Jung’s description of “shadow” for the proper context here).
Meditation does not “quiet” the mind . . . it opens it up.


Many of the tributes of eastern religions mimic things found in the Holy Scriptures we call the Holy Bible. That does not make them wrong or right. The Christian must be careful not to place other approaches before God’s personal approach for the same problem. We are not to substitute, it is like worshiping idols or putting other gods before God.
I have included a verse of scripture I have found over the years to be very comforting. If you can imagine, my career was with the very early computers, no one had a background for them, and everything seemed to go wrong too often. Very stressful. I learned this verse and put it to practice so I could survive the stress. What I did as often as possible to get into a quiet place, quiet is not necessarily without sounds. I often sought a bank of a small stream where I could hear the gurgling of water over the stones, perhaps a slight breeze stirring the tree tops and birds chirping in the surrounding bushes. Then I would be still, and know God was God. I am always at peace with God’s presence, even when I have done wrong, for I know he loves me and wants the very best for me. When I make bad choices, it is he who comforts me and often helps me resolve the problem. One thing I found is God likes to be praised too. He is not a daddy who can buy me out of trouble, but a being worthy of my honor and glorifying him. So I do that too. Be still. Hard to do with a mind like mine that races from subject to subject, always a student but never arriving at a closing. Took me a long time to understand the gift God had given me with such a questioning mind. I at 73 am at peace with that mind, but still learning every day.
Hope this helps.
Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”


Let me go out on a limb and say this. Meditation is going the way of the dinosaur. It will one day be extinct.
What will take its place? Right living and right thinking for right’s sake.
Read the “Sermon on the Mount” and follow its instructions if you dare. I mean all of them. You will then come to know more than all.


Prayer is Talking to God where as Meditation is Listening to God Meditation helps to Calm and focus the Mind as well as the Body and helps you to Connect with your Spirit.
Check out Shirley McClaine’s Inner Workout its a very Simple Meditation.


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