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I am Yoga teacher from India. I want to start my studio. Any ideas about investement option &risks?

Me and my husband have Yoga certification from India. We want to start small with little liability.We live in Redmond, Or. We are willing to relocate.
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  1. You should go to a wealthier area. Rent/Buy a small studio. Something tells me that there aren’t too many “new-agey-yoga-types” in Oregon. In a larger area (like California), you’ll make a killing because of the fact that you are Indian. It will make it feel like REAL yoga. You know, really authentic.
    Obviously, the risk is that your business will fail and you will lose a lot of money. You could take out a loan from the bank to afford the studio. You actually have a lot of options. You could just start out small in Oregon, build up a small fortune, and then move your business to a larger/wealthier area with your own money.
    Hope this helps.

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