I need a Kinesiology credit at my college and they offer yoga…It is very tempting and I am intersted but i’m worried i won’t like it and it will be too hard. They offer a beginners class so if i join, i would be taking that class. Also, I am overweight but i have already lost 15 through diet and running and am hoping to lose 30-40 more lbs. I’ve gotten into running but i’m not exactly flexible. I’m considering yoga also because i heard it can help with loose skin issues after weight loss.

Is yoga a good idea for me?


  • I was so nervous before I went to my first class – I was completely unflexible and thought I’d stick out as an uncooridnated idiot. But I loved it after one class. Totally go for it. I do power yoga 2-3 times a week and have gone from size 8 to size 4 without doing any other kind of exercise. It tones all over, stregthens, and can be an aerobic workout as well if you are doing the power yoga. Plus I’m sooo flexible now it’s bizarre – I thought you had to be born with it to achieve flexilibility. So I guess I’m saying if I can do it and succeed I really think that anyone can. Have fun!

  • Go fot it, its so fun! At first, you will feel like a total spaz and you will most likely fall over 20 thousand times. Lol. However after a few days when you get the hang of all the exercises and positions, it becomes very relaxing and enjoyable. I love to do yoga every day before i go to bed or before i go to school!

  • I started yoga working from DVDs at home using the “Yoga Zone” series.

    I was surprised how relaxing it was, but some of it was difficult for me. It’s good because the emphasis isn’t on straining yourself, it’s on getting as close to the proper pose as is possible without pushing.

    There are various schools of yoga, some quite strenuous, but if you start with something basic like I did I think you will enjoy it, and anyone can do it, no matter their physical limitations.

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