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I am trying to find the name of a ghost film I watched as a child would like to see it again?

It was about a family who moved into a house and it was haunted. There is a scene where the father is being sexually assaulted by a red succubus. Would love to know which film this is, thanks!
I can’t remember many things that happen in it. I think it was made in the 70’s-80’s. Someone suggested to me it could be the 1979 film Amityville Horror but I’ve been looking for scenes on YouTube and I don’t think it is :-/


  1. did it have blood coming out of the walls? the family escape but the dad tries to save the dog? something like that? coz thats a film i watched when i was a kid and i cant remember the name!

  2. The Haunted (1991 TV movie)
    starring Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey DeMunn, Louise Latham, Joyce Van Patten, Diane Baker, Cassie Yates
    IMDb synopsis:
    Based on purportedly true events, the Smurl family move into their new home on Chase Street only to find that it is plagued with three spirits and a demon. The demon wants to destroy their family, and they are constantly desperate until they find the Warren family to get rid of them.
    IMDb review excerpt:
    In one weird event, the father of the family is thrown to the ground and raped by the demon whilst it changes its form from a young woman to different grotesque-looking women.
    YouTube has the complete film. Here’s Part 1:


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