Home Discussion Forum i am telepathy but not really good at it doea anyone know...

i am telepathy but not really good at it doea anyone know how to revoke it or no how to do it?


  1. yeah, and i am telekinetic. and d’u mind giving me the best answer, i want d points, lol. plus u get three cool points 4 that urself, tanx dear.

  2. I find it is far more easy to read people and understand what they want or think by being arrogant. You really can’t let all your feelings and ideas get in the way.
    Only other way is to watch people and learn about them. Most people are very similar and do not change. You will not have a problem reading their actions and determining what they are thinking about after a while.
    If you really have some abilities it will be a lot easier to practise on someone you love and who loves you because they will not have all the normally defences up.
    I hope this helps.

  3. my friend , there might be such phenomena , however nothing is proved . American spend so much time and efforts during cold war trying to know telepathicaly what the russians are planing but we did not hear of a great discovery in this regard . However human brains ususaly do look at all the possibilitis of a thing to come , it is like waching a movie , the scenes of which is the possible scenarios , so when one of these scenarios occure you simply say to your self “I knew that this was going to happen ” but in fact you went on all the possibilities not just one !


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