I am taking a yoga class, would sweat pants be acceptable to wear?

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Also, do most people do yoga barefoot?

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jim w

yes and yes i took up yoga when i was in Antarctica working at mcmurdo station spent 2 years off and on on the ice yoga is great be ready for allot of farting those stretches tend to bring out allot of gas we had a great instructor just remember start off with only the basic stuff im well into the advance stuff now you will feel alot better takeing those classes. at first i thought it was for wimps then i tryed it i ate those words



Sandy Pockets


Green G

A thinner sweat pant is better but, regular ones work too. Bearfoot is best, just make sure your feet dont stink..lol


Sweat pants are definately a good idea for yoga cause there loose and yes yoga is done barefoot.


No sweat pants are not acceptable. Body needs to have free flows of liquids and pranas and because of that you need to use cloth which is not tight and which doesn’t overheat body. Also feet need to be on right temperature, so you should do it barefoot only if it’s not cold place. It’s always the best with less cloth on the body.


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