I am taking a poll to see how many people believe that succubi/incubi are real?

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If you believe they are real;
1. Have you had or know someone who has had a succubus/incubus experience.
2. Have you tried to summons one? If so, were you successful?
3. Do you think anyone (like me) who has tried several times to summons one is insane?
and last
4. If you know how to guarantee a visit from a succubus/incubus, would you be wiling to share the information to someone like me?
Succubi are female demons that rape men in their sleep.
Incubi are male demons that rape women in their sleep.
I am serious here.
I NEED to have a nightly relationship with a succubus. This NOT a want. It IS a deeply felt NEED.

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……..|……….2 Points……….|||”|””\__
……..|__________________|||_|___|)< ........!(@)'(@)""""**!(@)(@)****!(@) VROOM!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know since i have no clue what they are, but if you’d tell us exactally what you mean then you may get better answers

Tyler D

I do not believe in such things.

â?¥ Va~Va Depp â?¥

Believe only in what you see, and less in what you hear.


and the answer to Q3 is yes.

Dark Angel

I have not seen one but i do believe in all supernatural Aspects in life as there are many things which we humans have not even scratched’ the surfaces.


I have a friend she seems to be a bit more panicky when a guy mentions demons of mainly incubus types in which I asked her what is making her so panicky then.. she said incubus are no jokes they are evilly prepared for something only for adults to get involved in. And…. I took her to my place to get my brother that’s a paranormal believer and ex-preacher then he did something with holy water and she is terrified of him so… she refuses to talk to any guys for as long as she lives in turn she refuses to say exactly what went down but… I’m glad she’s back to her childish self again.


Yes they are real.
1. I have had a couple experiences
2. Yes and no
3. No.
4. Sorry, I wish I did.


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