I am starting to see auras i think?

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I just started to concentrate on auras today, and i can see a white-ish thin layer around my head, and hands, when i look in the mirror and concentrate.
Am i actually beginning to see auras or am i tricking myself??

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your mind is making see that stuff.


It’s most likely an optical illusion. You are staring at a still (or nearly still image) and what happens is retinal fatigue, or overstimulation of the optical receptor cells in your retina. A good example of this is the Disappearing Dots illusion at the 1st web site below. Staring at the center of an image can do strange things to your perception of the periphery. This site is actually a pro-psychic believer web site, but it has a particularly good page on optical illusions. Another example is at the 2nd site.


Find a room with good sunlight and heavy curtains. Close the curtains until a small opening (aperture) exists. Arrange yourself at a location where the sun is visible in the opening. First hold a finger up and block the sun with the finger until it is haloed. Look closely until you see the aura of your living finger. After you recognize the aura, have a person go to the opening and stand in position, as they block the sun and have the sun’s energy illuminate the area surrounding their head you will see the person’s aura. Whether anything is established at this point will depend on the illumination. This may be possible in a mirror with a strong light behind, but I doubt it.


I was going to send you a link to some related illusions, but I see TR beat me to the punch. When you stare at a color for awhile, certain colors become fatigued, so when your eyesight moves, you see everything except that color. If you only move a little, it will create the illusion of a thin layer around whatever you are staring at.
Take something that would have no life force, maybe a Christmas cookie tin, or something with bright colors and try to see the aura. You will see an aura around this object, because it is an illusion. A cookie tin does not have a life and should not have an aura.


Thats a good sign, thats your energy field now if you relax your eyes a little more you will eventually be able to see color.


You are going to run into a bunch of people who no very little on the subject. Much of what they might say could possibly be true, but probably not in your case.
If you really want to understand, try to locate through an inner library loan the book called “Principles of Color and Light” try to get the early 1900’s book with the original 5 chapters in it. It talks about training, what to expect and various other interesting things”. It is still read today, however the original 5 chapters were cut for some strange reason.


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