i am shamanism but i date a christianity? is it ok?

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we have get along relly well..n we love each other….but unfortunately we have different religion..my religion is shamanism which is the belief of spirits….his religion is christianity which is the belief of god…what should i do??? i don’t wanna break up!!!…does it matter? does it not matter?..is it ok??

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Roger the Solemn Fish

It’s okay, I am an atheism who dates a Lutheranism.


uh grow up.


Me Gragg. Big tree.


When whole belief systems start dating, it is surely a sign of the apocalypse.
Which Christianity do you date? I heard Catholicism is into some kinky stuff…

Ancient Astronaut

If you were really a shaman you’d already know it’s okay.
There are shamans in every faith and creed – shamanism isn’t a faith alone – it is the healing arm of whatever belief system you adhere to.
There are Christian Shamans (Mexico and SA are full with them), Jewish Shamans (Kabballah) Muslim shamans (Sufis), etc. Just about every Buddhist is a shaman.
It’s not just about a belief in spirits – it’s KNOWLEDGE of spirits and interacting with them for the betterment of everything.


I you both are in love for the right reasons and respect each others religious beliefs, then there is not reason why you shouldn’t be together. As long as you continue to respect the others beliefs and don’t force the other to convert you will be happy. Love can conquer all. My partner and I have two very different belief systems. We even talk about religion and our beliefs together. We have a mutual respect and love and it works out great!
It doesn’t matter and it’s not wrong! Just love each other for who they are and where they have come from. You are loving the whole person – beliefs and all! Hope this helps!


you have to, sorry, he would convert you, or he would be converted and one of you would be unhappy following a faith they do not know about and the other would be sad because of this,
or you two would fight over conflicting beliefs and be unhappy. You two are of different spirits, you can not make it work, a Christian vows to worship and honor God alone, and I guess as a Shamanistic woman this conflicts with worshiping (or honoring) various spirits as a opposed to One Spirit or God.


I am Wicca married to a convert to Catholic Church. Never stopped us. What does religion have to do with whom you marry. We have been married 22 years now!


I found your topic while I was searching because of same situation, I’m Orthodox Christian and I fall in love with Shamanistic woman.
I have no problem with her faith and she probably has not with mine to, but she told to her mother about us and than things become complicated.
Can anyone relate some literature of this kind, I really want to find some relation between our faiths so we can be together.


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