Home Discussion Forum i am seeking remedy for asthma allergy ?

i am seeking remedy for asthma allergy ?

i am an indian . i am suffering from asthma . Although i am on costly allopathic medicines. But i need to eradicate this problem from root itself . I cant afford precious medicines .So please provide me any medicine , naturopathy , tantra mantra , occult pathy, fakiri nuskha , jhada , herb , excercise etc …. anything which can cure me totally . i believe in astrology aswell. my birth data – 15 feb 1977, 12.15 , delhi, india.
I want time tested , experienced, observed medicine or technique which must give results . i dont need philosophies.i am ready to do anything ( but it should be of reasonable or free in cost ). Ayurvedically i have vaat , kaph dosha in me . Also i have sinus and joints pain. So please consider my these points aswell.
I believe in divine powers aswell. please help me .


  1. i have asthma as well and the best thing they ever came out with is the inhaler but if not availble steam from hot water helps and a vaporizer if handy with vicks if nothing seem to help go to ER they can give you a shot and you asthma is gone in about 30 sec.

  2. If Ameican Indian …
    Prob you have Strong CEDAR Allergies ..in addition to others…
    While rather long ..
    Here is my sugestion…
    60% of ALL Asthma = Allergic ASTHMA
    ALLERGIES are the Main Driver for Allergic Asthma ATTACKs
    To NOT Neutralize ALLERGIES with ImmunoTherapy in cases of Allergic Asthma…
    Is Like…
    Trying to put a Gasoline Fire Out ..
    But the Gas Hose is STILL Pumping Gas !
    It is Important to Remember …
    ALLERGY is Nothing to SNEEZE AT !
    ALLERGY is a Progressive, Chronic Disease.
    Allergy / Asthma Med’s Only address Symptoms…
    They Do No Treat / Neutralize the Allergy Disease Source…
    i.e. Allergy Disease remains Intact / Continues…
    Please Note…
    UnTreated Mild to Severe Allergy Continues / Exacerbates…
    Leading to Unabated Disease Progression and a
    LifeTime, Slippery Slope of further
    Recalcitrant Diseases and Health Complications
    ( To numerous to State ).
    Allergy Environmental ImmunoTherapy is the Only Clinically Proven
    Methodology which Reverses the Disease Process and Neutralizes the
    Allergy Disease Source.
    ALLERGY is Tough to Beat…But NOT Impossible….
    Take a First Journey STEP to a Life Free of Allergy Symptoms and Complications:
    ACTION Steps:
    >>>>> Visit your Primary CARE Physician TODAY for:
    Targeted ALLERGY Therapeutics: Ready / AIM / FIRE !
    >> READY:
    Patient Data Gathering: Patient Clinical / Personal & Family History Assessment
    >> AIM:
    Know Your ALLERGY Profile / Identify Offending Environmental Allergens.
    Get the WHOLE Allergy Picture…
    IgE Blood Test for the Most common Seasonal & Year-round Allergens ( Approx. 50 )
    specific to YOUR Geo-Region.
    WHAT You Are Allergic TO and To What Degree for EACH Offending Allergen.
    Know Your ALLERGY Profile…
    Give your ALLERGY Therapy Plan a CLEAR Treatment BullsEye.
    >> FIRE:
    Based on a Clear Allergy BullsEye / Blood Test…
    Patient Friendly
    Drug Free
    Under-the-Tongue DROPs
    Allergen Specific ImmunoTherapy DROPs
    are Not a “One Size Fits ALL” Therapy.
    But rather, are CUSTOM Formulated / TARGETED ImmunoAllergy DROPs
    based on YOUR specific Allergy Profile / Test Result.
    Following Clinical Principals used Successfully for Decades by Medical Allergy Professionals,
    Your Allergy DROPs contain small traces of What you Are Actually Allergic TO !
    Slowly over Time, Concentrations of these FDA Approved Extracts for EACH Offending Allergen is Increased…
    Allowing YOUR Bodies Immune System to ReCaliberate Itself..
    No Longer Triggering Allergy Symptoms…
    Neutralizing the Allergy Disease Source…
    Reducing / If Not Eliminating Complications and
    Producing Lasting. If Not Lifetime Relief Benefits.
    Allergy SHOTs ..
    Have been Replaced by Patient Friendly / Custom Formulated
    Under-the-Tongue DROPs !
    Remember there are TWO Sides to the Allergy COIN….
    Environmentals and FOOD.
    Visit Your Physician for an Allergy FOOD Test.
    Via a Simple BLOOD Test…
    You will be Tested for IgE Immediate and IgG4 Delayed ( Delayed = Symptoms are a Function of the Digestive Process ) FOOD Allergy against the most Common FOODs.
    Because FOOD Allergy can Only be Addressed / Treated via DIET …
    Given BLOOD Test Identification of Your Immediate and Delayed FOOD Allergy Sources…
    A DIET Plan / Based on YOUR FOOD Allergy Test Result
    will be sent to You Guiding You as to FOODs NOT to Eat ,
    Those you CAN Eat and Those to Reduce etc.
    Please Note, that while TREATMENT / Neutralization of Your
    Environmental and FOOD ALLERGY
    is just a “ Piece “ of Your Total HealthCARE Puzzle …
    It a VERY Important One…!
    Your Physician is your Puzzle Master.
    Once your Allergy Disease Source is Addressed / Treated / Neutralized,
    Your Immune System is No Longer Compromised / Weakened by
    Constant ALLERGY Attack…
    It’s Disease Fighting Resources can be ReAllocated…
    NOW READY to Focus on other Disease Issues Challenges…
    Hopefully …
    Keeping You on a Healthy LifePath.


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