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I am seeing auras….. kinda?

I am an empath so i have a natural ability (kinda) to see auras and i can see colors a little when some one is standing in front of a big white area how can i improve that ability more?


  1. you are unable to see auras before practicing the tips outlined in this hub, do not fret — try instead to sense the aura. You probably already do this all the time without even knowing it. Have you ever walked into your parent’s bedroom after they had a fight? They may have put on a smile and acted like everything was okay for your benefit, but you could sense the tension in the room. Maybe the air was thick or your father was emitting a weird “vibe”. Speaking of vibes, how many times have you left a party or declined an invitation because the vibe wasn’t right? We have all probably used this term without even realizing the weight behind our words.

  2. Mine started with only white light around people too and usually it was only select few people one or two a month if that. The way i figured out how to do this better was i went to my local book store and googled how to better understand what i was doing there is a way of focusing your eyes so that you can actually see colors around most everyone youd have to read on it though i cant exactly explain it the best but try to google on it that really helped me understand how to better let my self see the natural things i was seeing now not only do i see colors but multipul things around them.


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