Home Discussion Forum I am really interested in CHAKRA oils......?

I am really interested in CHAKRA oils……?

There are so many sites and I don’t want to spend 80 dollars to try this idea for the first time. Can anyone reccomend a good quality chakra oil that is sold in sample sizes? There are a lot of sites but I would love a recomendation. Also are the blends of oils supposed to be the same withing each distributor? I would love your ideas, suggestions and experience.


  1. I use Essential Oils from Nature’s Alchemy and RoseMountain. These have staying power and don’t turn rancid too fast. As for using them on the Chakras….well, I don’t. I find the oil that is specific for the problem, not the chakra, and then I annoint that particular chakra. For instance, if you feel depressed and down and out, I would use Patchouli blended with Sandalwood. Apply one drop to the root chakra. Or, you could mix and blend a citrus EO and apply to the temple (or third eye) for increasing your outlook to a higher level.
    You need to be really careful because people out there will mix and blend fragrance oils and label them for their own purposes and they won’t be able to do a thing for what you want them for. Some will dilute Absolute Oils (taken from stems, leaves and flowers, instead of buds, dilute them in a carrier oil, and call it Essential Oil. Again, not very honest.

  2. I use a blend called Chakra in my massage therapy. It contains spruce, sandalwood, angelica, myrrh, frankincense, and juniper. It’s made by Garden Essence. Their oils are 100% pure. I find it works very well. I know they sell sample sizes here in Cedar city Ut, but I’m not sure about online. The bottle says distributed by LOL enterprises, Payson, UT 84651, 801-465-4949 Good luck!
    P.S. the first girl that answered is right, you do need to be careful about quality. This oil company is 100% pure, single species, 1st distillation, highest quality, guaranteed free of pesticides & herbicide.

  3. Quality is very important when it comes to essential oils and fragrance oils do not have any of the wonderful properties of essential oils. I work in the aromatherapy business and have learned that the term “Absolute” do not necessarily mean it is made with low quality ingredients, it is just a different way of extracting the oils from the plant. For example Rose absolute is still made from the rose pedals, but is extracted with a alcohol-based solvant that is then evaporated from the oil instead of using steam distillation.
    In regards to dilution of essential oils in carrier oil, this is actually very important for application to the skin as undilutied essential oils (with the exception of gentle oils such as lavender or eucalyptus that are very gentle).
    There is an aromatherapy company called Kate’s Magik that creates chakra oils and other essential oil blends that are very high quality.


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