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i am putting together a winter white Crystal ball in December and i need a off the chain idea for this.?

i am a daycare provider that is part of a non for profit organzation and we came up with this idea for a winter white cystal ball no dinner just a buffet style dancing prizes andlots of fun . we need some help on how can we put this all together.


  1. maybe just everything in crystal/glass/clear plastic… mirrors and silver decorations… just an idea… will go with a winter theme and a “crystal” ball… don’t know.. guess I would need more details on the event!

  2. buy a white disposable tablecloth, (paper or plastic) and some silver confetti, which you toss over. serve your food platters over that. it will make a good presentation!

  3. Get white tableclothes, white napkins, etc.
    For decorations, on the ceiling, if you can do it, get some white shimmery fabric and have it go from the middle of the ceiling to the corners OR across the ceiling from one side to the other, THEN add clear, stringed Christmas lights to the fabric so they are lit up amongst the fabric, it would look SO pretty!! Then if you want, you can hang some of those white round paper lanterns (the ones with NO lights in them) at different heights from the ceiling. It would add such a beautiful effect from the ceiling to have the fabric, the lights, and the lanterns there.
    Then, get some cotton batting, which is in the sewing section of any crafts store and put it in the corners of the room, where NO one is going to walk this way it’s like puffs of snow or just winter white. You don’t want to put it where anyone is going to walk their shoes can get caught on it and they can trip. There’s white glitter you can get that you can scatter into the batting to make it glisten.
    For centerpieces you can get clear vases and put some clear glass beads in there (from the floral dept. of any crafts store), add some water, and put some white flowers into the vases. This way the centerpieces then have everything of the theme, the crystal and the winter white.
    You can get the clear vases, put some clear glass beads and set a white pillar candle on top of the beads.
    Get a clear round vase that looks like a fish bowl and do the same thing with the glass beads and the white pillar candle.
    You can also add some glitter into the vases of any of these centerpieces. The glass beads are the crystal part, and the glitter is just to add more “bling” to it.
    Get some white balloons and cluster them around the room.
    You can also get more of the clear, stringed Christmas lights and put them around the party, not just on the ceiling. They will look like twinkling lights all around the party and add such a nice effect to the party.
    You can also get the same fabric that’s on the celing and tie it around the chairs and make a bow, having the bow face outward, so when people sit down on the chairs, they’re not getting the bow into their backs.
    For food, I honestly wouldn’t follow the theme into the food. No one wants to eat all white food. I would go with what everyone likes and skip with following the theme into the food. For dessert I can see that, but not for the food. I would do the theme for everything but the food, for the food stick with the things that everyone likes like a chicken dish, beef dish, a pasta dish, veggie dish, etc. I wouldn’t go all white, it’s going to make everyone miserable that the party’s great until there’s nothing to eat aside from cauliflower and potatoes. LOL
    You can also follow the theme into the desserts with vanilla ice cream, Ices, and a cake with vanilla ice cream, Things like that. You don’t even have to do that but you can if you wish to follow the theme into the desserts.
    I hope some of these ideas help and that you have a great ball!! I LOVE your theme!


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