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I am practicing Tai'chi, how can I make my chi flow through my entire body, and not just my arms and hands?

I used to be able to feel it in my legs about a year ago, and now I cant feel nothing down there at all. What is happening?


  1. Consult your sifu or if he’s not qualified to explain, see a licensed accupuncturist and chi kung practitioner.

  2. Be sure you are relaxed. You will not feel anything if you are not relaxed. Also, try not to force yourself to feel anything. This causes tension and keeps your mind from being calm enough to focus what you need to focus on.

  3. It takes time and patience.
    Desire and expectation are counterproductive.
    Remember that Tai’chi is a Taoist martial art.
    You make progress when you follow the way of the Tao.

  4. Relax… focus your breathing in your Dan Tien area.. feel the flow in each movement, flow like water, don;t try to feel anything, let the chi flow naturally.
    if you want to feel your chi try the art of standing…. starting from Wu Chi for 2 minutes, then move slowly to Zhan Zhuang (hugging the tree)…. breath with your Dan Tien Area, focus your thought there. remember to always make sure that your 9 pearls are align align, your weight must be centered, try to find a balance on the center of your feet palm.
    soon you’ll feel your hand heavier and if you continue this…. you can feel there is a hot belt around your waist…. later if you continue this the belt can be moved up and down.
    my direction maybe unclear because it’s hard to explain it on text… instead of showing it to you… i’m sure your teacher can show you the Art of Standing i’m talking about =)


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