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I am looking to read the most original/correct versions of religious texts. Can you help me?

I want to read, at the very least, the Torah, the Bible, and the Qu’ran. Only my English is good enough to read them in so I would need translations. I go to a Catholic school, and am joining a predominantly Christian organization, so I am looking to read the Bible first. The organization I am joining has three stories of from the old testament and two from the new, so I need something that incorporates both. I would also love to read the other books of the Christian faith, such as the Book of Mormon, the Book of Mary, and the other books that the Church removed when creating the Bible.
I will also accept the books giving me the basis of any other religion you care to mention. I find it is best to be well informed. I follow no religion, but my beliefs lie somewhere between Wicca and shamanism. I am not looking to be converted, just knowledgeable.
Maybe I was too specific. Just give me whatever you would suggest. I’m looking to learn here.


  1. IF you want to “study” Judaism and Christianity-then you need to master the Hebrew and Greek first. The direction you are headed in will only lead to confusion.
    There are no Christians books called “the Book of Mary” or “the Book of Mormon”. The book of Mormon does exist, but it is not Christian.

  2. The most authentic translations of the bible are still the English Roman Catholic and English Catholic(KJV) bibles.
    The jewish books are online. So is the Koran, or however you spell it. The Mormon texts etc are all there too.
    You might like these for things to debate;
    history of bible
    Search engines are nice things, play with the wording a bit.

  3. Bibles Amercan Standard Version (AMV)
    New English and always try to understand the King James
    these others help you understand it
    the Quran over the internet


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