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I am looking for a tarot card reader?

She is in Celina, TN close to the Ky border and her name is Ms. Lee. I used to go see her with my old friend, and I know we have to schedule an appointment weeks in advance. She blows my mind every time and I would love to see her again, but can find nothing on the internet to direct me towards her.


  1. es he is really good., just spoke to him (Mukesh k) in the same number 9841568568,, he told me i am done education in chemistry but would eventually entered it field,.
    good really ., gave me remedy for promotion and his account number for remitting the fee.,
    he also told that i am totally not in touch with my parents., Dont think he knows me previously., but how did he tell all these…. astrology?? or maybe some other divine science.

  2. mukesh k (modern astrology) is an amazing astrologer in chennai, you will know on the phone itself the moment u call him to fix an appointment with him,
    you will feel like restless to immediately go and meet him .
    you will not find any gods photo on his desk or behind him, no showoff stuffs, he behaves like an highly educated person
    he told me not only that i am software engineer but also whether i am in graphics or sw doveloper or into analyst accouning kind of, he told me when was my last job change and i was awarded for my drawing skills .
    hails from a rich family and i think he is from iim but chose this as a profession., till date i am unable to find out whether his predictions are based on astrology or palmistry palmist or numerology or handwriting, because he asks us to sign in front of him and then he checks our thumb nails.
    his number is 9841568568
    he is gold medalist in face reading.
    his remedy to pacify my boss worked., i am not worried to share this last bit as ihad changed myjob recently.
    met him personally on march 2008

  3. Yes she exists and in Celina, by donation and scheduled appt only
    can’t give u her phone but she’s been here since 2003, ty for the lovely comment u wrote of Ms. Lee, we appreciate it very much!
    She was tickled to think someone thought so highly of her. Be Well and Blessed Be in your future endeavours!


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