I am looking for a symbol other than a crystal ball to associate with "predicting" this is for 5th graders





as the crystal ball is commonly associated with magic I am looking for a neutral symbol to represent the exercise of “predicting” to use as a reading strategy for improving comprehension


  1. How about a box with a question mark inside? As with all symbols, a simple explanation of this icon would be needed. Think about presents. Ask students how many have guessed a present’s contents by using available clues (such as size, weight, etc.)

  2. Good Question I know this is not news to you, to grasp logical avenues.
    Use examples of logical thinking exercises . Some are simple physics, can be predicted by watching.
    Others can be comparisons.
    approach it like a group science science project
    Or assign groups to look back into historical accounts on the subject.
    Ancient civilizations used the sun, stars, planet movements etc. to predict future events.
    If you need to look at the extra-natural, start with the natural inclinations of people. Some are more empathetic, can almost sense anther’s pain etc. And some have a natural ability to read people well.
    “Seers'” were likely able to use that cleverness to deceive or lead their subject in a direction that would produce the desired result.
    And there were whole nations who followed Godly wisdom given thru prophets, which will likely be of historical mention in any research on preditions. This does not mean you are studying them, just noting their perspective, as with any other group.

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