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I am looking for a medium, or someone who ‘sees beyond’ or is psychic?

This is really important, Im not gonna ask any questions about my future. I need to talk to a professional, please take me seriously and leave me an email address that I can contact you with asap
thanks, now i think i am looking for a medium not a psychic


  • I too saw cari roy, who i think is a wonderfully warm, kind hearted person who truly seems to want to help, but i gotta tell ya, every thing she said turned out to be false. She’s a sweetheart, but i didn’t find her to have psychic abilities, at least with me.

  • i don’t usually post to these kinds of sites, but i recently saw a psychic medium in new orleans named cari roy who was aaaammmaaazing. it was a mind blowing, eye opening experience. if you are lucky enough to find an honestly gifted psychic medium, you will be shown the light. this stuff is real. we all have it, but not always as developed as the natural born seers. and even if you are a skeptic, meeting with a truly gifted psychic medium can be likened to months of therapy with a psychotherapist. hope this helps!

  • I wouldn’t trust any billboard with a number and a fee.
    Its all bullshit. Psychic’s have the gift of knowing but not always the whole story like in movies with crystal balls. Its more of a feeling not a vision.

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