I am looking for a clairvoyant, psychic or medium for a reading.?

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P.S. No fake psychics!

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Me too, let me know if you have any luck finding one.


Try “pangel” on this site. She studies and practices mediumship. Very nice woman. She even might answer this question too. But you can look her up under advanced and email her. Very nice woman.
edit: I copied a link to her profile page. Wonderfull person. I used to be on this site alot and that is how I know. I was even on her 360 freind list. But I deleted my old account.


Osychics get their info from demons, so get a reading from the demonic world, its yourlife.

L. K.

Noelani Rodriguez has good testimonials. She does readings by email or Skype also: http://bit.ly/psychictestimonials


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