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I am interested in taking up a little light meditation, where should I start.?

I would welcome all useful suggestions.


  1. try self hypnoses, it is very relaxing
    find a very quit spot
    lay down with your hands by your side
    take 5 very deep breaths and release them fully
    imagine a place you would like to be i.e flouting in the sky or in the sea or may be laying in a meadow, take your time with this don’t rush it
    then start to count back from 100
    i hope it woks for you, it defiantly works for me

  2. In yoga we do what the 2nds answer said. We picture ourselves in an open field by a body of water and open sky. Our instructor tells us to feel the warmth of the sun and try to relax our muscles so much that they feel almost planted or stuck to the grass you’re imagining, works really well. You can ALMOST feel the sun on yourself if you really concentrate.

  3. Dr. Frank, WTF is up with you? You’re not usually so obnoxiously dismissive! What’s so bad about meditation?
    I do what the second person does. Sometimes it helps to have something like sea sounds or whatever playing in the background. Also, if you’re having trouble relaxing, then lie down, tense every bit of your body, then gently release the tension, starting from your toes and working up. Then imagine you’re in ‘your place’, visualise your troubles as dandelion seeds and one by one, blow them away…

  4. When I first started meditating I just focused on my breath. Slowly inhale thru nose to the count of five then slowly exhale out thru the mouth to the count of five. Stay mindful of each breath. You can progress from that point on. Of course find a comfortable position. I alway lie down or sit comfortably with my hands on my stomach. But you’ll have to find a position that works for you.

  5. I would find a quiet comfortable place that you enjoy being. Light a candle, dim the lights, sit up ( if comfortable ) and start by closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing.
    Notice any aches and pains your feeling with each inhale, and with the exhale try to blow them away and let them go.
    Just quietly breathe and pay attention to the inside of your body. Imagine the part of you that has contact with the floor, to have roots and picture them growing into the earth to ground you even more.
    That should be a good start! good luck!

  6. OK, the key to starting is to start focussing on your breathing. Find a comfortable spec in your house, where it’s relatively quiet and you’re not going to be disturbed. I prefer to sit on the floor – it makes me far less likely to just fall asleep. Anyway. Close your eyes, and breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. Focus on breathing from your diaphragm and up – feel how it feels to empty out your lungs and then filling them in again. If you find yourself getting an itch or being distracted, don’t punish yourself for it or give up. Just acknowledge that ‘oh yes, I have an itch. That’s interesting’, and take your focus back to your breathing. Try and train yourself to NOT scratch it – it might take a while to master that one.
    For your first session, five minutes should do it. Then increase it. I spotted my brother meditating under a tree for over an hour once – but then he learned with the dalai lama! Don’t think I could manage that long.
    Try also burning some light scents. I don’t personally like incense sticks – ESPECIALLY when I’m breathing deeply, you’ll end up stoned or passing out. Not good. So, try a little votive candle with a lavender scent or something. It doesn’t kick out of stink that would offend the dead but it smells pleasant enough to lighten your mood, if only while you are meditating.
    An alternative to focussing on your breathing is to become aware of your body. My therapist (CBT) reminded me of this one. He said to start with your toes. Feel how they feel in your shoes or socks or on the floor or whatever. Then move up your body, sense how each part of your body feels in its ‘unused’ state, eg, how your knees feel when they’re not holding up your weight, etc. Don’t think too much about it, don’t think too far into why it feels that way or anything, just feel how it feels.

  7. learn to breathe properly first, then focus on a lit candle and mentally block any noise or distractions from your mind. Keep trying this a few times and this will help you progress further


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